VOR Morse missing again

Had a great day with the new build flying VFR with VOR’s. The audio is not there any more. I think it was with the 1st beta build

It was broken in the 1st beta build, fixed for the 2nd, now broken again. Actually it is there, but it’s so quiet you gotta turn down the engine and environment sound sliders and crank your volume up just to barely hear it.

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and – COM2 also seems DEAD.

Tested in C172 and C152.
DCA at airport - ATIS 132.65

Can hear on COM1, but not on COM2 since latest SU10 Beta Update 1.27.13

Can anyone else confirm ??

#13 Unlucky for some !!

100% “was” working before 1.27.13 ( DCA is my Dev Test Airport, fly there almost every day, and always check ATIS)

The loss of COM2 radio is a MAJOR Regression … :hear_no_evil:

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If Asobo can make it softer, hopefully next time they will make it louder.
(Been an issue since prior to release !!, and has been reported so many times, and not acted upon)

NAV “should” have the same MAX amplitude as the COM radios… (Standardized)
and then one can vary either COM or NAV Volume to suit.

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Nobody else on the Beta realized that COM2 is now not working ? No audio ~!!!

An unfortunate depiction on how “Hit & Miss” MSFS public “Beta Testing” seems to be these days, and how lax QC appears to be in testing these Betas before they get thrown out to the users.

NOT IMPRESSED – and getting less and less impressed with the whole Beta Testing program each SU,

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I’ve found that utilizing COM2, COM3 are hit and miss for me and ackward with the ATC panel, as well, that I’d sort of given up on them and forced myself to solely use COM1 — this is pre-beta.

I’ll check this out for you today and report.

(Honestly, the whole radio thing makes me nuts in the sim. I cannot stand how I can hear radio signal noise when the aircraft’s battery is on, but avionics is off. The radios are dark and you can hear radio signal noise. They should be silent, because they have no power.)

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In the 747 and I’ve got ATIS tuned to each of the three COMs. I definitely get audio on all three COMs when I:
A. Turn up the volume knobs for COM2 & COM3 (default is turned all the way down)
B. Click the MIC button for each COM to switch between them or click the tabs for each COM in the ATC panel

In the Twin Beech I get COM1 & COM2. I tuned both COMs and can click the Speaker selector for each and I get audio and can transmit and receive with Ground.

Which aircraft is his not working for you?

EDIT: I neglected to check the VOR Morse signal audio. I’ve got it on both NAV1 and NAV2 in the Twon Beech right now, so I’m not seeing this issue either.

However, I’m on Xbox. I’ll get my PC and see if it happens there.

EDIT2: Tested on PC and both COMs and NAV Morse audio work for me. I guess I’d start looking at add-on conflicts, perhaps?

COM2 was defiantly not working in the c172 after the last SU10 beta Update.

But manually deleting the Asobo c172 Steam, and then letting MSFS re-download and install it again, fixed the issue … GO FIGURE

All working again … :+1:


Man… I’ve heard that routine has fixed a number of weird issues along the way. I need to remember that and use it as one of my first troubleshooting steps. Definitely seems to be a winner.

Typically, when there is a patch update, I will do that patch, but then, after a day or so (or that night, overnight) will do a 100% re-install …

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Wow, since release day, I’ve only downloaded the whole sim twice.

On release day (of course) and roughly 6 months ago when an update changed the way the “update config screen” showed the location for Sim install and I screwed it up.

I am fortunate, it’s only abut a 2 hour download for me when the servers are not too busy (like now !! ) – 99% done !!! – Here goes for broke !!

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Very, VERY fortunate😊

Com2 works just fine for me. JF Warrior on Vatsim for ATC comms no less.

Yes, it’s working again for me . For me the SU10 last beta broke it when updating… I deleted the some Official files, let it re-install them, and now its all working as it should.
This is far to “Hit & Miss”, so I deleted MSFS, and did a 100% re-isatall of the latest beta. Now all OK.