VOR NDB Hyeres

Hello, I introduce myself, Jean Christophe, I am currently flying on FS2020 and on VATSIM (France) I am looking for a person or a service who could possibly modify the FS2020 simulator, It add a VOR to (HYE) 109.0 and an NDB (TLN) 322 at the airport of
Hyeres Palyvestre (LFTH) Lat: 43 05 50N LONG: 006 08 46 E because unfortunately they are not available there, because I would like via VATSIM to use the VAC of Hyeres … with all my respective thanks cordially Jean-Christophe (F -AJKB)

Bonjour Jean-Christophe… This has been reported many times. Hyères seems to be a problem because of the military use.

I see that HYE and TLN are on the map, but their radios do not seem to work (I think the VOR does not, I did not try the NDB).

So you can only use them as GPS waypoints. And of course there is no LFTH airport in the default MSFS.

Correction: The ADF TLN does work, but the VOR HYE does not.

Hello thank you for having answered now I would like to know if it would be possible to integrate the VOR 109.0 because it is a military and civilian airport and knowing that a scene exists at the developer AZURPOLY because I really need the VOR to my VFR navigation approaching … Could you report it to the MICROSOFT technician to correct this please. I can provide you with the VAC of the DGAC if you wish, thanking you in advance cordially. Jean Christophe

the main reason for having the VOR (HYE) is that when there is a Tour Control on VATSIM it offers me entry points in approach to the Hyeres field and these points appearing on the VAC map are geolocated with the VOR DME of Hyeres hence the importance of having this VOR without it, it will be impossible for me to reach for example the point MR appearing on the map which is an entry point on the ground … cordially and thank you very much Jean -Christophe

hello in addition to the VOR which works half the DME only the windsocks are reversed with respect to the direction of the wind !!! Please can you correct his two errors !? There is too much error !!! !!Thank you beforehand

Hi Jean-Christophe,

I think this because of a known problem in the MSFS development kit. AZURPOLY may be able to provide a workaround, so you could try to report it to them and see what happens.