VOR no longer works (if they ever did)

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1 → Navigraph Data, otherwise there is no navaid at all in MSFS2020

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First, all navaids were gone recently. I have installed then the Navigraph data and they are back. But even if you can see them in the sim and select them in the Garmin, the VOR doesn’t emmit any sound when Nav 1 is activated, and in VLOC mode the cockpit instrument is simply stuck and do not track the VOR.

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  1. Set the frequency of the Nav 1 110.35 for FRI (Switzerland)
  2. Choose VLOC mode (not GPS)

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Ryzen 3700X - 32 GO
Nvidia RTX 2070 Super

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V 1.17.3

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Microsoft version
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Does this happen in a particular aircraft or in all aircraft? What’s the location you’re testing at? Is the navaid in range? Do other navaids work?

I can tell you that I have had no problem using VORs in the US with navigraph data installed in the Cessna 172 or Diamond DA62 using the Working Title G1000 mod. Everything has worked fine for me with multiple VOR beacons in California, Oregon, and Idaho with the current MSFS release.

FWIW MSFS and Navigraph show 110.85 as the frequency for the FRI VOR, not 110.35. This might explain no audio identification and the inability to track to the VOR. Not sure why all the MSFS nav aids would be missing.

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So embarrassing :slight_smile:

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Not to worry… we’ve all done something like this. Switching numbers around, writing down similar looking numbers, not hearing ATC numbers correctly, happens a lot, radio frequencies, altitudes, even runaway assignments.

IRL not setting the correct VOR frequency one reason why VORs have audible identification implemented in MSFS and other sims. No ID means no VOR, maybe wrong frequency, maybe out of range, maybe the VOR receiver in the plane is broken or the squelch is too high, maybe undergoing maintenance. You did the right thing when you didn’t hear the ID. You understood that SOMETHING was wrong. With time and experience we all learn what the next step should be.

Indeed! I was planning to use MSFS to validate my IRL flight plan and didn’t wanted to get back to X-Plane just for that. But I messed up the frequencies. :smiley:

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