VR Alaska Bush Trip with Oculus Quest 1 is incredible

I’m on leg seven of the Alaska Bush Trip. I’ve done the whole thing so far in VR using an Oculus Quest 1 and the Oculus Link method, and I’ll take it all the way in VR to the end. Now I have the settings right it is as smooth as silk. The scenery is incredible, utterly amazing realism. I love the way you can lean right over and see your wheels and the ground far below. I’m surprised that, with my mouse and Xbox 360 controller, I can handle all the levers and buttons easily in VR, I’ve been doing a lot of VR flying since it was launched fro MSFS, mainly around London, but this bush trip has been the thing that has really brought the gobsmacked out in me. It’s huge fun! It’s been hard getting the VR to work right, but now it does I’m thrilled with it. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time - like 40 years of flight simming :slight_smile: . Alienware M17 R3 Laptop, Geforce RTX 2070 Super, 4K screen, overclocked GPU and CPU using Alienware tools.

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Good sir, since you are in VR, I highly recommend getting something like Logitech G Pro Yoke System and Rudder Pedals. I am also very impressed from the realism in VR in FS2020 and highly highly recommend to do your realism a small favor and add to it, by flying your planes controlling them with a real Yoke. Your hands and feet need to ‘feel’ the plane. I can’t recommend it enough to upgrade your experience to a full immersion level. Well, the full immersion will be reached, after they add our VR bodies into cockpit. Not seeing your hands on the yoke in the plane, is quite an immersion breaker, but until then, we gotta go full immersion.

Thank you, BoxDominator

I have been trying to get a better control system, but it seems the whole world wants similar kit at the moment (because of the massive MSFS launch) and I can’t get it! But thanks for your tip, I will look into it.