VR and Crenado aircraft

So I have all 3 Carenado addon aircraft, and overall I’m pretty impressed with all of them. I do wish the 182T came with a steam gauge option, but that’s beyond the scope of this post.

What I’ve found is that the PA44 works GREAT with VR (though it’s not perfect, but then again, what is?), but the other two… Not so much.

I’m finding that VR focus (where you click the right mouse button (by default, or whatever you might have mapped it to) it doesn’t function properly, which is to say it doesn’t zoom in on the instruments like it’s supposed to, and I’ve also found that I’ve got double vision with the mouse pointers pretty much no matter where they’re pointed or what I’m trying to do.

Has anyone else experienced this, and is there anything we users can do about it, or is it going to be up to Carenado to make their planes “VR ready”, so to speak?

I appreciate any insight or questions anyone might have.


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Same issue for me with the Mooney. I opened a ticket and they stated their devs are aware of the cursor issue, but that’s all they said.

@lynhoffenmeyer, OK, I submitted a ticket, we’ll see if they respond. I’ve been pretty impressed with their products, but NOT with their customer service or responsiveness, hopefully they’ll surprise me.

One of the things that doesn’t work is the “VR focus” (default right mouse button) which zooms in on the instruments based on where you’re looking at the time. It just flat out doesn’t work on the Mooney and 182. (I think I’m repeating myself at this point…)

I did inform them that my disability makes this critical for me, as I can’t zoom in by leaning in like a normal person. I didn’t use the word “ADA”, but I thought it was implied, and I’m certainly not too proud to go there! Plus the double mouse pointers is not only distracting as hell, but it also makes knowing which one to use to press a button or twist a dial very difficult.

I think it’s just as simple as the PA44 was built for VR (likely very much on purpose), and the Mooney and 182 were not. I hope it’s just that easy to fix it, too.

I’d be shocked to learn that they didn’t already know about it, but I’d rather submit redundant reports rather than just assuming someone else already did. It’s like when the power goes out in your neighborhood, but it ends up nobody reported it because everybody assumed someone else already did.

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I also have an issue where the copilot is looking down and to the left when I switch to that seat. Do you see that too? I reported that a long time ago but it doesn’t seem to have been fixed.

@lynhoffenmeyer, wait, wut??? I’m certain I’m misunderstanding you, because when I’m in the cockpit, I don’t see any other people. That would be GREAT if I could, based on your W&B settings, I suppose, plus you’d have to specify gender, but as of now, we can’t so that can’t possibly be what you meant…

Can you unconfuse me? Thx…

There is a mappable keybind called “copilot view” or similar, where you can switch seats. I do it a lot if I want to see something out the right-hand window. It works well in the default planes that have seats next to each other.
But when I hit the key to switch to that seat in the Mooney, it doesn’t place me looking forward as you’d expect. It’s looking down and leftwards.

Hi, what happens if you then look up (and straight out) then press the key for “recentre VR”? Doesn’t that sort it?

I regularly hand the controls over to the copilot and then move around… even the rear seats of some planes. I’ve got my cursor keys setup to move around left…right… forward…etc. Pressing recentre vr always corrects the view if I’m looking down etc.

By the way, there’s a free addon called “visible copilot” which actually adds a copilot to several of the default aircraft. Can be a bit creepy though if you’re not expecting one as I found last night. I turn to my right to find one sat next to me! LOL


Hi Kev, interesting that you you say the PA44 is good for VR.
I have the Mooney M20R & love it, but you’ve got me wanting the PA44 now :grinning:
I’ve looked on YouTube , hoping to find a video/review of it in VR but so far nothing.
I have spent quite a bit on addons lately but if the PA44 is that good…?


Well, I don’t like it at all. I find it hungry on performance and it doesn’t look that great. The panel lights in VR are not well implemented at all and it’s very distracting. I run this on a G2 with a 3090, I9-10900KF.

It’s a shame I was really looking for a good twin with steam gauge. But in my honest opinion, I should have known better, Carenado’s products are not for me.

Thanks for that. I often go & buy these addons but I hung on this time.
You’ve got a pretty good setup with the 3090 and all! I presume you’re happy with VR in general?


I am very happy indeed. I only fly VFR and GA airplanes with steam gauges, so it works very well. FS2020 gave me back the spark I had lost with XP.

Good to know :grinning:
I would love to upgrade my 2080ti to a 3090 when more become available in a year or two LOL

i think I’ll give the PA44 a miss though, cheers.


I got the 3090 for work, I’m sure it works just as well with a 3080.

@G7RTA, why not just setup the real autopilot to do that? I’m not even clear on why Asobo added that feature, from what I’ve heard “he” isn’t all that trustworthy, and just duplicates the function of the autopilot to begin with.

As for “visible copilot”, I looked at it and am gonna take a pass. First it comes from a site that I don’t particularly like or trust, second he/she looks like a lego person, third, if I understood some of the technobabble properly, it actually degrades the quality of your entire cockpit.

So, while I’d love to have not just a co-pilot, but a person in every seat you designated as full in your weight & balance setup (let’s keep it simple and just worry about GA planes, and the seats you can see just by turning your head, trying to do it for hundreds of people in an airliner (especially if they actually move instead of just being a fixed image) would probably bring any system to it’s knees today), what this add-on offers isn’t what I want.

But we can’t always get what we want!

Hi, I could use the autopilot but Ive got a button setup on the yoke for the copilot so it’s quite easy to press that. He certainly isn’t all that reliable as you say, but he can land successfully at some airports (although still ended up off the runway sometimes LOL)

I wasn’t keen about downloading the copilot mod from that site either, but others have done it so I gave in. When you look at the copilot from the front he/she is just sat with hands on their lap, not actually doing anything. From behind though they actually look quite good.
Can’t say I’ve notice any degradation of the cockpit.

Just filmed him in the TBM…
Apologies for the shaky camera and I’ve had to mute the audio. WMR never seems to capture the sound correctly for me.


The video isn’t working, but no biggy, I’ll take your word for it. I’m still gonna take a pass on the mod, though.

Regardless, how in the world do you get WMR to capture video in the first place? I was planning to use OBS on a full screen playback in the WMR window, but I haven’t even opened OBS yet (Open Broadcast Studio, I think) to figure out how, but if WMR can do it natively, I’d be interested in knowing how. It might mean I don’t need OBS, and there’s only so many software applications I can remember how to use at one time lol…

Not to mention I only have a 6 core CPU, which is perfect for games, but needs help with multitasking. Kinda wishing I had gone with the i7, and I suppose it’s not too late, but I have no reason for a CPU upgrade unless the 11th gen stuff offers major in game performance increases, specifically for MSFS, regardless of multitasking. In game performance provides me with a legit reason to upgrade, multitasking is just a “nice to have” that I don’t feel like paying extra for.

EDIT: On the co-pilot vs. autopilot thing, remap your button to the real autopilot, and you’ll be fine. Don’t worry about needing it to land for you, that’s your job anyway, unless you’re in an airliner equipped with autoland, and I’m not sure if that’s a feature in any of the default aircraft in the sim. I don’t fly default airliners in any event, so I’ll be waiting for the study level stuff myself.

I think you your firewall/antivirus must be blocking the link. I uploaded the video to the hosting site I use. It always says “not secure” on mine but I know it’s fine of course.
Anyway, yes you can record with WMR. While in VR in my G2 (and with the hand controller already on) I press the controller’s windows button briefly & a box appears with several options. At the bottom you’ve got… a camera (for screenshots) a video camera (for recording) & a torch. I press Record then a round thing pops up for you to click. Recording then starts three seconds later during which time I press the button assigned on my Saitek throttles to take me back into flight sim (in vr)
Now the downsides… it will only film for five minutes at a time!
I tend to press record while MSFS is still loading a flight, so this means I can lose a minute or two of recording. Plus flight sim is always a bit jerky in VR for the first minute or two… & then it clears. I’m not sure why this is but it’s the same most times.

I did install OBS a week or two ago. I followed a tutorial on YouTube but MSFS crashed as soon as I tried, so gave up.

Yes you’re right I could setup a key for the autopilot. In fact I even have a Saitek multipanel on (autopilot unit) but I can’t see it in VR lol)

Managed to take a screenshot from the video…


@G7RTA, that right there is a deal breaker for me, plus just using it sounds complicated. So, when I get around to it (it’s not exactly the top of my list), I’ll be figuring out how to use OBS to record. I may play with it for screenshots, we’ll see.

No worries. I agree 5 minutes is nowhere near long enough, that’s why I installed OBS… but that is complicated, and of course it crashed the sim when I tried