VR and Headset Choice

I built my pc around VR its a 10900k with a 2080 Super.
I was going to go a HP G2 but have heard some issues with it I Know people cannot disclose allot of details on the vr abilities cause of the NDA But can they at least tell me what they think if they had the G2 if they would still recommend it.?

ASOBO has just released a video showcasing VR and the G2 so you can see for yourself. Looks OK to me.

I’ve just returned my G2 due to two faults (or at least what I’d consider to be faults).

The first issue I had was with the right ear speaker cutting out. It’d need a nudge to get it working again and make a “cracking” noise when it came back, which sounded electrical in nature.

The second issue I found was with the headband getting stuck when swapping from one person to another. I first noticed it when I used the straps at the side of the headset to try to get a snug fit and it was just too loose. I push the back of the headset forwards and it snapped free, quite sharply, after which it could be adjusted. The main issue I had was that it kept doing this and it wasn’t easy to adjust for different users. That’d be no problem for a headset used by only one person, but mine was not and I therefore considered this to be a fault.

It is a real shame as the visuals in the headset are simply epic. I could read every dial (X-Plane 11, I’m not in the MSFS VR beta) and see every detail.

The tracking was also OK (as in, satisfactory) but being an inside-out tracking headset it did have its blind spots. It was fine for simming, but not so great for games like Beat Saber.

I now have a Valve Index being shipped.

Would also appreciate some advice on this.

I have a similar spec with a 2080 super.

Currently considering Reverb G1 Pro (because it’s impossible to get a G2) and the Rift S.

I’ve read the Reverb image quality is better but the Rift S has better tracking, is less demanding so you can get better performance and is overall a more complete package.

Any thoughts from the community welcome.


I note that YouTuber Simhangar has just talked about cancelling his G2 and keeping his Rift S as he doesn’t think the £700 price justifies the purchase.

I have the Rift S and it is a great headset and very comfortable.

Some people are saying the Reverb G2 is impossible to get… but I just ordered one direct from HP on 12/15 and it shipped 12/17 – arriving on Christmas Eve.

If you have performance issues due to the resolution, you can just run it at lower res in SteamVR.

Have got a G2 and it is awesome, I’m running it on an i7-7700K with 32 GB RAM and a 2080ti, I for one can’t can’t wait for FS2020 in VR altough what kind of prefromance I’ll get waits to be seen!

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I don’t fully understand the mathematics but if you take the resolution of each eye and double it, then set your monitor to the total, doesn’t the frame rate shown divided by two give you the expected FPS?

Excuse my struggles with my understanding of this.

For example, in XPL I get 70 FPS on a monitor at 2560 x 1440 and in the Quest2 I show 35 FPS.

Is that a good rule of thumb?

Yes this has always been pretty much general calculation for Stereoscopic 3D and also VR FOV/Headtracking rendering eats its own little portion of performance also.
This will always be the case as long as VR/stereoscopic 3d is still heavily dependent on the workload being put on mostly single core performance.

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Thank you!

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A decade of dealing with and tweaking Nvidia 3D Vision and VorpX VR injection teaches you alot when it comes to this stuff!

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In my opinion, I would get the headset that has the highest resolution you can afford / run. This is especially true for picking out objects at long distances like we have in MSFS.

Comfort is very important or you won’t want to wear it for more than 15 minutes.
The original Quest was pure torture for me but I mostly forget I’m wearing the Oculus Rift S.
It’s just a superb design. I can easily complete a 2 hour flight without a break.
I’ve taken to watching movies on the Imax size screens in Bigscreen VR Just amazing.

Wow it’s complete opposite for me…CV1 was the most comfortable headset I’ve ever owned.
The Rift S Halo design is just a tad bit more comfortable than the unbearable Samsung Oddysey Plus. Fortunately I have the headstrap helmet mod for both my Oddysey Plus and Rift S

I find the Reverb G2 to be incredibly comfortable. I’m coming from a Samsung Odyssey which was not.

Just goes to show…buy online incase a return is required.

How is the tracking?
Are you happy with the overall purchase?

I had the G2 in mind until I heard some negative feedback but seems the resolution is excellent.