VR and Monitor - Simultaneous Use for a 'passenger'

Providing you have a high-spec PC, is it possible to use both a VR Headset like the G2, and a monitor, so that I can fly while my wife is a passenger in VR? :slight_smile:

You might think it’s a bit odd. I still don’t have a PC or FS2020 yet as we are putting every bit of money into our dream house remodel. But when it’s done, I am hoping to convince her to let me drop big money on a sim-rig and all the peripherals. She is not a big sim fan so she’s only slowly coming round to the idea. However, since VR released I’ve showed her some YouTube videos over Miami, where she’s originally from. And she’s gobsmacked!

So if I can take her on a virtual tour - maybe she’ll approve of my $3k+ PC and Reverb G2 purchase (not including yokes and other peripherals).

Am I mad? Yes. Does it make sense though? Some of you know it does!!!


I have tried to control the plane via flat-screen while someone else is using VR. Its not ideal since they look all over and your reference frame is constantly shifting. I doubt your wife would keep interrest for very long though(just a guess…).

Why not let her fly herself? Or set up a flightplan and let the plane do it’s thing on autopilot while she is admiring the view?

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You’re right. She can probably fly better than me anyway! And if she’s terrible, yes could put it on autopilot. Good suggestion.

I do wonder though, if my idea could ever evolve into a full ‘virtual tour’ idea with multiple people being able to join in VR, over multiplayer/cloud, while a pilot shows them the sights…


That would be super cool!

Edited to add, me and a friend of mine managed to set this up in X-Plane. Using two computers where each of them have VR glasses connected and then we linked the PCs together in X-Plane.

The result was truly amazing. Being able to sit next to each other in the aircraft just like IRL where the guy on the “slave” computer is the passenger.

Really cool and would be even better in MSFS with its beautiful scenery!

This totally sounds like an awesome idea, even as a possible business providing virtual tours of anywhere the customer wants to go.

Yeah, I think I might have just helped Microsoft create a new industry! There are still a lot of technical limitations right now but VR is one way to bring non-gamers into gaming

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