VR and saving flight plan

Noticed that when you try to save a flight plan when in VR mode the sim locks up.
In order to get out of it, you have to close the documents file behind the msfs window, that was intended to save the flight plan.
The way around this is to do all your flight planning saving/loading before going into VR mode.

Ya, same here…
I just tell it to cancel saving or loading in VR.

If you use the in game FMS to plan flight, and not the world menu (like real life)
Then toggling VR mode deletes your flight plan.


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same here, saving in vr mode sucks… All gets stuck I dont save anymore…

The last update claimed to have fixed this but it is still happening…

Loading a saved flight sucks too, because my flightplans are always gone! Makes saving even more pointless…

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It looks like the sim locks up, but actually the save dialog is accessible in Windows (as a 2D dialog), and you have to switch to it, which can be tricky.

Thanks for the suggestion.