VR Benchmarks - Latest nVidia Drivers and Game Mode

Did a few Benchmarks, I’d heard about Game Mode being better with the recent Windows 10 updates this week but it makes zero difference for me in VR and the way I run the Sim.
With the latest drivers and Game Mode On I couldn’t even get into a Flight as the Sim would constantly CTD, so I’ve turned it Off and all is well (never had it On before anyway).
Even threw in the trusty 457.30 to show once and for all that the latest drivers are on par with it.

As ever your mileage will vary


Nice work. Cheers for that. I might give the new drivers a shot this weekend.

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I didn’t see any VR improvement either

Yeah, game mode, HAGS. Neither make a blind bit of difference for me. (11900K/3080/32gig)

Anyone getting more CTDs with the latest driver? Having turned both HAGS and Game Mode off in noticing a lot more CTDs now, may have to roll back

Getting a lot of CTDs (about every other flight). HAGS and Game Mode Off, latest drivers. 3080 RTX and 11900K. I also get nasty ghosting on some airports when panning left/right/up/down.

If I change some of the settings (for example Vsync) in the NVIDIA panel it goes away and comes back a minute later… This happens to me on EGKK from flightsim.to and LOWW (orbx)

Things are incredibly unstable. Sometimes I can’t even enable VR mode and pressing the VR button doesn’t do anything, but minutes later it works again. Not happy.

And then, all of a sudden, on another occasion everything is butter smooth and no CTD, usually followed by another hellhole where I spend hours getting it to work and crashes.