VR Bug Fixed?

I just ended a flight in VR and the camera didn’t go crazy when I ended the flight. Was this just a fluke? Can anyone else confirm?

The VR weather menu is still messed up.

What do you mean by this?

My camera never goes crazy, only time I have any issue with my G2 is due to ambient light tracking which requires the environment data clearing to resolve.

When you cut the engine and/or the avionics after a flight the camera will start jumping around.

It’s supposedly a known bug that is triggered by the flight ending where it writes to the log book. Which is triggered by shutting the engine off and the avionics.

Usually it goes full on back as far as it can, then jumps all the way forward before setting into the default starting position.

I’ve had it on multiple PCs and headsets. Odd that others have not seen that. It could be airplane specific but I’ve seen it in everything I fly.

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I spoke too soon, it’s still happening.

If you guys are able to end a flight without this happening I’d sure love to know the fix. It’s my most despised bug in the whole sim.

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Never seen it in over 1000 hours of VR flying in MSFS. When I shut down the engine and turn off avionics, I get the logbook window pop up, click continue and the camera goes right back to where it was.

Has been doing this to me and, I am sure many others in VR since the software update that was supposed to prevent switching to logbook as soon as a shutdown was initiated. Forum members campaigned for the right to decide themselves when to end a flight and not have the sim decide. I am sure this has been seen by most VR users and is pretty well known.

I too would love to know how those who don’t see this, are able to avoid it.

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There is an option in Assistance options/User Experience called END FLIGHT WHEN AIRCRAFT SHUTS DOWN. Those who experience this problem have it set to OFF. I bet those who do not have it, have this set to ON.

This toggle was added during a Software update (can’t remember which one)

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I experience this on all VR flights since the supposed fix and believe this to be poor fix implementation. Asobo’s fix seems to wrap around the logbook functionality and can only be active when the engine is killed after a flight.

It’s a nice idea but it should have been a panel inside the world flight panel.

It also happens when you toggle the MSFS intro off as I hear the music for 1 second. This may give an indication as to how simulator code is built in an aid to gain performance.

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Iv seen this happen dozens of times shutting down the engines using default aircraft, Iv not seen it happen tho in the Fenix A320 or the PMDG 737.

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Never had that happening.
Heard in a video from Pie in the Sky, that they test Vr by running 2 x 90 hertz screen next to each other…
If that’s really the case, would explain why i get ‘good performance’ but still get stutter when turning head as well as terrain lag.
Really unhappy with the way Vr performs or looks since SU9, seems like nothing will be released until 26th of August and it’s a real bummer.
They care more about console players than us, we are very small part of community.

Ah, so we either need to have the log book pop up or put up with the jumping around.

I think the log book would be preferable but that’s even a little annoying as the checklist is still in progress. It kills immersion a degree.

I had that one flight post update where it didn’t happen and it was so unbelievably pleasant. :laughing:

I’ll often brace for it by closing my eyes when cutting fuel and avionics.

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Hmm I’ve never had this either, using quest 2

Wow hope that’s not true!

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I m pretty sure it is, jump @1 minute 50.
Really don’t agree with how in all the videos it seems like everything is fine ( for what he says) and how visible the terrain lag is in his videos.
Lates video from Vr Sim Guy where it’s the same, praise over latest driver and smoothness when the game is clearly lagging.
They lost all credibility for me.

And Vr Sim Guy

What is your End Flight setting?

Yes this happens to me also with quest 2. Only happens if the logbook popup is off. With logbook on it acts as normal with the window popup then pressing continue.

As much as I don’t want a logbook popup I’ll switch to that.

VR Flight Sim Guy? LOL, that guy never had any credibility AFAIC. Gave up watching his ■■■■ months ago.


I just tried the End Flight setting and I think I hate it even more!

The community asked for this? It’s just wrong in so many ways. What is this, an Xbox game?

It also repositions the camera but without all the jumping around. The airplane I fly saves state, so it requires a proper shutdown.

Windowed mode or full-screen mode, which do you use? Recommend the latter for stable play.