VR cockpit focus camera

I am using an original Rift headset and epically when in the a320 I struggle to read the gauges or any text so have to use cockpit focus mode. By default you have to hold the right mouse button, this then makes flicking switches etc a bit difficult as you have to keep the button pressed. Does anybody know if this can be changed to a toggle so you can just press then button and stay focused until pressing it again. I have had a look under controls and in the VR menu but cant see this as an option.

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Toggle/Hold are in the Options/General/Camera settings. Not sure if "Focus Mode’ there goes for the VR Focus Mode as well. Try it I’d say.

Did not see these when looking before thanks. Unfortunately it does not seem to work in VR even when set as toggled you still have to hold.

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I use a little trick, I lean back and then center the camera, then I return to my position and I have everything closer.

I have also configured the instrument camera 1 in the hotas to see everything perfectly

you can use the landing cam :slight_smile: if its to near, roll a little bit back with your seat :wink: im also using this currently for the big planes, you can find it under camera settings / pilot / landing. have fun!
for all others: is there a possibility to save this position on the xbox one controller? its annoying to change the view every flight

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