VR cockpit gauges and buttons are not sharp enough, how to adjust?

Hi all, anyone know what VR graphics setting controls the sharpness of the buttons and gauges inside the planes, compared to DCS everything is quite blurry and unreadable.


Adjust texture resolution in game under graphic settings or use the oculus debug tool and set the supersampling level above 1.0. Go up in increments of 0.1 and test visuals vs performance because it’s very taxing on the GPU.

Im using a G2 headset, ill try the texture resolution

I have the same issue, but overall I’m just blown away by how cool VR in FS2020.


The texture resolution made no difference at all to the cockpit buttons and gauges, still hard to read the small buttons on the G1000, how ever its cool in VR the world looks great and so do the clouds, but the Xplane 11 cockpits are sharper in detail.

also depends on the aircraft. I don’t know why but some aircraft cockpits are clearer than others.

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Use the VR Cockpit Focus option to temporarily zoom in to whatever you are looking at.

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