VR Controller support is missing. Please add in addition to 3D mouse

My sentiment exactly. But my little project really helps with it. In combination with this and VoiceAttack profile I can control almost everything by operating 6 dual encoders and buttons or speaking a command to my “copilot” (such as “turn on fuel pump”). Also the “copilot” will read me checklists, waiting for my confirmation on important items, and will do some actions too.

My VR Control Box project: [WIP] cheap DIY VR Control Box - 6 dual encoder / 8 button / 1 3-pos switch project

I can even switch fuel tanks in PA28 by rotating an encoder, rotate starter and do things like that. So I virtually never need to do anything with the mouse. Even for the ATC, speaking “acknowledge” will press option 1 for me, and “select 5” will press option 5, and so on. So in PA28 or other GA aircraft I can go through the whole checklists and startup from a cold cockpit without using the mouse.

That is so cool that I will be still using much of that when controllers are implemented.