VR Controller support is missing. Please add in addition to 3D mouse

Gotta agree with the OP. Controllers in VR are a must.

Simply replicating the features x-plane has would be great - and for those complaining about x-plane, I gotta basically disagree. You can map the 3d mouse on/off to a button on your gesture controller or yoke\etc. That works great for the rare instances\planes the 3d cursor is useful.

The overall eco-system of x-plane, with LUA and native plugins and the 3D panel system in VRm with the various VR add-ons such as move VR are simply incredible.

Controller support is totally required. The ‘I am happy with a mouse!’ people should be ridiculed and ignored in the strongest possible sense. The lack of controller support is shocking\disapointing. I bought the expensive delux premium edition when VR was announced a few months ago. Sad to see it is at least for now, very quarter-baked.

I also want the teleport feature like in x-plane! doing outside of airplane checklists is great fun!

Also please add proper bindings for all the instrumentation, especially G1000 knobs,etc. With that we could at least map controllers for the knobs so we can fly in VR without going >insane< trying to use the ‘3d mouse’ to fly IFR. It is currently impossible.


hmmm which right now do you think should have a higher priority:

VR Motion Controller Support


Performance improvements

Even if VR hands came tomorrow, people would still complain about them not being usuable due to performance issues. Why not take care of the performance issues first THEN add bells and whistles like VR hands and teleportation?

It’s elitists like you that give VR players a bad name. I’m completely content with the mouse since i’m quite capable of using it to interact with my plane and not lose any sense of immersion. I’m already giddy because i feel like i’m flying a real 747 or whatever. Anything else is icing on the cake. (wearable pilots hats, pinnable virtual wings an aviator sunglasses exclusively for VR users?) Would i try VR hands? Yes i would just because the option is there. would i swear by it? I already swear by VR and that already makes me kind of a jerk…

The “What i want is what everyone needs” people should be ridiculed and ignored in the strongest possible sense

You are the one imagining some hierarchy of needs imposed by my simple statement of fact. Be calm. It is OK.

Maybe you have not used X-plane VR?

Another thing, pal, you are actually the aggressive one here.

Edited one more time to add: Oh. Portland “earth” and 420. No wonder you are so irate and aggressive.

Nobody said anything about a heirarchy. I’m just saying you’re amongst a group of VR players who think they know whats best for everyone. This is evident in your attempts to shame those who prefer to use a mouse to interact with their plane. I find it disgusting you’d shame someone for how they’d want to play the game.

No, MSFS2020 is the only flying game i play where the planes don’t make other planes explode. DCS has VR hands and it’s simply easier for me to interact with a button mapped to my hotas and physically look at what button i need to push. It’s not perfect, but it works

I’m not your pal. I’m just a random internet stranger trying to knock you down a peg or two for thinking you know whats best for the community. Go ahead and ridicule me for preferring to use a mouse. But you should choose the latter and ignore me.

One more thing to add: What does my username have anything to do with this?

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As a author of some X-Plane VR plugins I might have a different viewpoint. I have used VR with X-Plane soon after it was released and created the first plugin (Xchecklist) that supported VR.

When a title says it has VR support and VR headsets are sold with controllers I was very surprised that the public VR release of MSFS did not have support of controllers.

I currently am using my Valve Index controllers with my G2 in X-Plane and waiting for the day when I can do the same in MSFS.


And a VR scratchpad to allow us to write down things such as clearance when we are wearing the HMD. Or at least make the game support 3rd party VR overlay software such as OVRToolkit (I didn’t have the chance to test it though, maybe it already supported).

I’ve made a vote topic about it months ago but only got 10 votes before it has been buried…

So as a VR player who comes here saying just use the mouse cause it’s what you prefer is apparently not telling the community what’s best for everyone? No one was shaming the mouse people until you guys came in telling us what was best and to live with it. Get off your high horse hypocrite.

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right. that’s exactly what i’m saying. if you want to use a mouse use a mouse. If the option for VR controllers are available and you want to use those by all means do what you want. Just don’t ridicule people because they want to use one controller (mouse) over another (VR hands)

You must’ve missed who i was replying to. I’ll quote it again:

But i’m the one on a high horse…right. I’m stil trying to figure out how “those who prefer to use a mouse” equates to “telling the community whats best for everyone”

This is not how development is done at that scale. They have a team that works on VR and another that works on weather and another that works on performance. There is some bleed possibly, as some people are experts in more than one field, but I’m pretty sure the VR developers are NOT working on general non-vr related “performance improvements”. That is handled by a different team. If your idea would be the way it worked, and companies actually used that, we’d have no new software versions and no new features, because there are almost always bug and optimization problems with many games and software, so you could work on that indefinitely. And by the time all bugs are solved and performance is optimal, you’ll be out of business and game/software would be obsolete. Just think about how Google Maps/Android Auto or any car GPS system works. It’s sometimes annoyingly stupid or buggy, but if they’d waited until everything is 100% bug-free and performance-optimized we’d still be using paper maps.

My honest opinion, after flying VR for a couple hours in the 172, it doesn’t matter. I came out having had a new revelation, that changed my views about everything in MFS and VR overall… VR stinks for flight simming, all the way around. Don’t care how pretty it looks, or what the controllers are. I exclude combat flight sims from that assessment. I’ll probably post a rant you can ignore later.

Not to flex, but to provide some context, I am running MFS on ultra 4k ultrawide with zero issues on a 10900K/ASUS TUF 3090.

But it’s not like we actually know do we? I’m aware how Asobo does their development. But I’m sure the “VR Team” has several different little subteams that handles various different aspects of the VR, a couple people for head tracking, a couple people for UI, a couple people for actually making the game into VR and so on. But i don’t think any of us work for Asobo and they have yet to enlighten the community as to their specific development practices. Am I expecting them to? No. But the VR team can either work on VR hands or VR performance improvements.

But i figured you, as a 3rd party dev, would’ve been smart enough to know i was referring to VR performance. 'cause y’know…we’re in a thread about VR…

The first iteration of anything is never bug free. It’s why i wasn’t outraged at the amount of bugs when this game first released. It’s why im not upset when any new game is released and has bugs and glitches. Imagine trying to figure out the first internal combustion engine…

Well, to me (and you nay disagree), lack of controller support IS a huge bug. A major feature not working. So if we’re talking about VR performance, prioritizing performance over controllersupport is somewhat like prioritizing right eye visuals over the left: a but meaningless. And believe me I do want better performance, because now I actually tried it, and with my new and shiny RTX 3080 (substantially overclocked too) / liquid-cooled and overclocked Ryzen 7 3700X / 64 Mb RAM - the performance is horrible so far, even on default settings which are pretty low. I’d say it’e unplayable, a vomit comet. I’m working on settings, drivers and WMR OXR vs SteamVR OXR etc. to get it to usable levels. Half Life Alyx is buttery smooth on Ultra settings, so there is something wrong with going from 35-50 FPS on High/Ultra
settings on flat 4K monitor to 10FPSin VR. Something is wrong here.

However I had also tried the new 3D mouse, and it’s even worse than I thought. It’s just horrible and wrong. Not less wrong than getting 10FPS in VR with default settings. So unrealistic and inconvenient and awkward. So I’d say we need to iron out all bugs - performance and controllers, to make it a good VR experience, something that CAN be actually called a full VR implementation.Strictly IMHO of course.


a bug is an unintended result of something weird in the programming (to put it simply). The lack of VR controllers is ultimately by design in the end. The Devs right now are probably reading this and saying “yknow…maybe we should’ve added VR hands.” They can easily be reading this and say “we should put a statement out as to why we didn’t add VR controllers.” One can hope at least…

Comparing HL:A to MSFS2020 is like comparing apples to oranges. HL:A is a VR game through and through built from the ground up with VR in the mind. FS2020 wasn’t even originally gonna have VR until everyone cried out for VR support. I think it’s inappropriate and an overstatement to say “the lack of controller support is a huge bug” considering VR wasn’t even part of the plan to begin with. What we have here is a bunch of kids so used to instant gratification that the word “compromise” is not in their vocabulary. My computer was upgraded on two occasions solely for HL:A and FS2020 and i’m totally at peace with the fact it runs similar to your set up: HL:A runs great, FS2020 VR runs like ■■■■ (despite being an AMD rig).

Look, i’m a VR fanboi as much as the next guy. I’ll immediately tell you “VR is the future. If theres no VR i don’t have much interest in it” if you asked me “what do you think about VR.” That said, i’m far too casual to demand hand controller support in FS2020 yet would try them regardless; I’d still rather have a smooth experience before an immersive experience

Screw “Can it run Crysis”
Screw “Can it run Cyberpunk at 4k”
It’s all about “Can it run FS2020 in VR?”

I’m not demanding anything :slight_smile: I’m just pointing Asobo’s attention through the channel offered to us that this feature is really wanted. I can only guess why it wasn’t implemented, but something not working, when it should be working feels like a bug. So this mouse thing feels like a workaround for a feature that should be working, but isn’t. It feels like a bug to me, regardless of it’s being or not being one. I hope it’s just a “screw it, we don’t have time to fix the controllers by Christmas, let’s release it without them”. But it would be nice to acknowledge it. “Yes, we are working on VR controllers, we just need a month or two to make it work” would be nice.


I thought it was so obvious that VR support would include controller support that I didn’t even check, and then was disappointed in game, wondering why the “VR mode” still had a mouse cursor on it. I am supposing, based on the posts here, that there hasn’t even been a confirmation that VR controller support is planned, correct?

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Correct, no confirmation, not even any kind of a mention so far… As if the controllers don’t exist, or are some kind of a fringe exotic accessory.


Half-support is their trademark - how about the half-pushback, or half-everything ground communication via the half-atc?

Oh, and almost forgot the not-even-half-checklists.

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I can’t understand why they miss something like this… If it was a VFR simulator, after that is even worse… :sleepy: Really annoying have to use the mouse when you are in VR, takes you completely out of the immersion.
We will continue in Xplane for IFR flights… :man_shrugging:

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I hope they will fix this, just as they will fix other problems. MFS potentiel is huge, but there is a lot on Asobo plate…

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