VR Controller support is missing. Please add in addition to 3D mouse

They are not essential. The option to fumble around with the controllers trying to figure out how to set speed break before your plane is ripped apart could be an option though.

Personally i prefer control. that is why i use the mouse.


I am with those who would prefer not to fumble for VR controllers sitting amongst my yoke, throttle, keyboard and mouse. Mouse will do just fine. It’s just another controller, like the vr controller, that does not accurately represent the functions of a hand. So why complicate things?

Now, if I could get perfectly implemented hand tracking, that’s another story.


“VR in Flight Simulator will continue to evolve” that’s what Asobo said on their official launch video, so I would be patient since this is just the beginning…

Yes, yes, and yes. VR controller support is a must! Being able to reach out for the switches in the cockpit makes the whole experience so much better! For me, it is essential for true VR immersion!


Yes vote for this

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Wow. Asobo releasing something half-baked. Whoda thunk it?

Seriously, that a massive immersion killer if I have to use a mouse in VR. That totally defeats the purpose of VR. If the option is there for a mix of physical controls and VR motion controls, that’s a different story. But I have serious doubts that’s what we’re getting. I’m pretty sure they would have showed that off if that was the case.

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Can’t wait for VR to drop, but I don’t think I’d ever use controllers in a flight sim.
Letting go of a yoke (or joystick) and putting your hand on a mouse is just a bit less fumbly than picking up a controller each time.

I think it’s the fact that you can just let go of a mouse rather than having to place down a controller… maybe the holding and placing of fingers on a mouse is more automatic than it is for a VR controller. Perhaps it depends how many buttons and switches you interact with between grasping the yoke.

What will be good is hand tracking, that’s when I’ll forget about the mouse. But that’s in the hands (forgive the pun) of the headset manufacturers. It needs to be more than just a Quest asset. And will happen eventually.


If you read my description in comments above you see that I don’t need to ever put my controller down. Left hand on a yoke, right with a strapped controller - controlling throttle, flaps, switches, autopilot etc. - very close to life. I can also put it on a yoke without releasing a controller and steer with both hands. It’s not very convenient for a long time, but occasionally it’s fine. And mostly you need right hand to control things anyway. So you see, there is no releasing and fumbling for anything that way. Impossible with a mouse.

Also, lost of people fly with VATSIM or IVAO live ATC. Remember, you can’t see anything but your VR, and there is no time to take it off on approach (not even talking about breaking the immersion). Try writing down anything with a mouse. Good luck with that. I can do a decent job writing or typing with controller, enough to take notes. Mouse is not made for 3D space. Your hand is. Hand tracking would be even better, but mouse is a facepalm for anyone intimately familiar with VR, and not just considering it as a TrackIR extension.

Also, I bet you I can adjust, grab and position anything in 3D space faster with a controller than you with a 2D mouse. How do you adjust for 3 dimensions? Mouse wheel for depth? While you dragging and rotating the wheel several times, it would take me one motion to position any window or object exactly where I need it, moving and rotating it in all 3 dimensions with my wrist without thinking. I do it with a tablet and charts and notebook and ATC window in XPlane easily. I suspect everyone preferring the mouse just don’t know what they’re missing. But of course the mouse option should be there for those that prefer it for any reason. It’s just obsolete. Just like VR made TrackIR obsolete.


I prefer to use the mouse. Just happy to have VR.

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Yes I did read your post.
My comment wasn’t about what’s best, it was about what’s best for me and I have no problem with anyone having a different opinion or a different way of using their controllers. Different opinions aren’t necessarily meant to be a challenge :slight_smile:

I don’t want to keep my VR controller strapped to my wrist or fly one handed with a honeycomb yoke that has multiple buttons constantly in use for both hands. My X52 is also a 2 handed affair, more so. Using the Bravo quadrant (when it finally arrives) with it’s myriad of buttons also wouldn’t be ideal for me with a VR controller in-hand.

Mouse interaction within VR games wouldn’t be confined to this sim and I’ve so far had no issue with ease of use in that respect. Virtual Desktop is an app that thrives on mouse control, even though you can use controllers to do the same things.

Star Wars Squadrons is an example of a game where mouse control has not been enabled within the VR environment and it really needs to have it fixed. The menus move around in VR just the same as the cockpit moves around in a flight sim but it’s really problematic working the various options with a VR controller.

I have no idea which one of us would be able to do things quicker, but I know I will find the mouse a bit more user friendly for me in a sim as that’s what I’ve tested and concluded when it comes to other VR applications.

Using a gun, lightsaber or table tennis bat for example, is another matter, VR controllers all the way.

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I bought my VR headset primarily for driving sims (on the PC) and I honestly cannot recall one that supported controllers. Admittedly the controls number less than a plane, and my wheel/pedals/gearstick combined have more buttons than my joystick, but I’m happy just to get any level of VR


Waiting for months… You have to be kidding me no controller support is just a waste of time… LAZY LAZY LAZY

Looks like i will be loading up x plane again

I concur unequivocally with this post.

True VR (now & future) - hand controllers are imperative.

This is a major disappointment, how can you release VR with no VR controller support??? a mouse in VR? that’s just corner cutting in my book

VR controller support certainly looks intriguing, I’d like to give it a try, but I don’t see it as “absolutely essential”, so no vote from me. If you lose the hyperbole, then I’d vote for it.


It is essential for many people, obviously I’m voicing my own opinion, I don’t pretend otherwise. I did not state that this is essential for everybody. I am positive that is is essential for most VR enthusiasts. If you look at any VR gear review, you will always have these points reviewed: display, FOV, controllers, sound, comfort and ergonomics. They are all essential for a complete VR experience. IF one element is missing or lacking - it is a big problem, even if not all people consider it important.

This post is not for whining about something I want, it’s for voting it up and making sure that Asobo knows that this feature is wanted and desired by many. They are very good in tracking, noticing and addressing customer opinions and wishes. They make a point of it, which is really nice. I am a scenery developer, and when I have questions or bug reports about SDK - I often get answered by senior developers I’ve seen on the Twitch Q&As. This is really impressive, I tip my hat for that level of dedication and attention. So not complaining, but just making a point that this is very desired by many. If they could at least acknowledge that this is being worked on and give a rough ETA I’d happily wait. As long as this isn’t being ignored…

The subject line says ‘… absolutely essential…’ - how selfish can you get?!. I can say Replay Mode is ‘absolutely essential’ , others say Helicopters are ‘absolutely essential’

The fact is too many people try to strong arm Asobo into getting their personal ‘absolutely essential’ thing above all others and its quite annoying now. VR is getting implemented , like TrackIR did earlier after very vocal minority threw their toys out of the pram. Other general areas that don’t require expensive hardware are pushed to the side like AI Traffic, Replays, Weather… etc because of silly things like this.

Edit - The OP has changed the headline, that’s the good outcome. Thank you OP.


I am happy with mouse, just preference but of course it should have VR controller support.
If it doesn’t then that is fine as a first implementation and controller support can come in a patch as I am sure is already planned.
It is better to release early without controller support for people like me than me than wait until controller support is implemented as well.
I think the real omission was not having VR at launch but then the release was in all honesty really a Beta which is why I waited to purchase until I knew they were serious about ongoing development.
As long as they keep producing patches and improvements as they are I am happy.

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I find using the controllers in XPlane to be cumbersome. I’m hoping for the 3D mouse to be more natural feeling. I have a full panel setup so it’s obviously hard to find all the buttons blindfolded. So I’m more worried about a zoom feature in VR being able to be accessed by the mouse than the awkward controllers trying to twist my wrist to make them work. We shall see

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I absolutely agree. Better to release early without controllers, and add them later as a patch. As long as it will come, but so far there is silence, so no confirmation this is coming. They have a lot on their plate and thing can get pushed really far down the line, and I’m worried about that…

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