VR controller support is still really poor

What a shame. After a long time I tested the VR controller support in MSFS again today. It is still really bad and from my point of view completely unusable (HP Reverb G2 controller). After I have experienced in X-Plane for a long time an absolutely optimal immersion thanks to almost perfect controller support in VR, I am really very disappointed in Microsoft and Asobo that it was not managed after such a long time to enable a decent experience.


Given the large number of users actively using a varied range VR in MSFS, it would appear that there is wide support fir VR controllers in MSFS. It may well work differently to X-plane though.

It’s horrible how the controllers feel. I totally agree with you


Currently on my Reverb G2 Controller, I get haptic feedback when the laser pointer is over a knob and the knob turns blue.

However I get no haptic feedback when I press the trigger to interact with the knob.

Personally I feel it should be the other way around. I should feel the haptic feedback not when an instrument or knob turns blue but when I interact with it.

Agree. It’s really not very good. Never has been. I think the assumption is that most people use hardware yoke and throttle and mouse so it’s never had any polish applied.
I’ve (almost) given up posting about it because there aren’t enough ‘voters’ to make our voice heard.
Shame really as I personally consider the use of VR controllers part of the VR experience.

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I don’t think there have been any improvements since the initial release circa 18 months ago - it could be said that it has actually gotten worse as many of the new official aircraft released as part of the 40th Anniversary Edition do not have even basic functionality that Asobo gave the original aircraft: For example in the A310, it is impossible to move both throttles together , making takeoff or landing impossible. Also the overhead panel only seems to work in ray-cast mode. I cannot believe there was any testing as these problems and many others are immediately apparent when trying to make a flight with VR controllers.

I did find a couple of aircraft that are just about flyable with VR controllers, I posted about it here

In X-Plane I fly with a physical yoke and rudder pedals and use my Valve Index controllers for all other interaction.

When I try to do that in MSFS the throttle, trim, mixture are to jumpy to be usable. If instead I use the mouse I can make very fine adjustments. I am at a loss as to why the vr controllers can’t have the same fine adjustment as the mouse.

I am going to FSExpo 2023 and look forward to asking this question to the MSFS team there.

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As a partial workaround for this I bind my VR thumbstick up to “increase cockpit interaction” and down to “decrease cockpit interaction”. This allows fine control of (most) cockpit inputs.

The tilt of the VR controller is acquired.
However, it did not add a simple function to operate the control stick by tilting.
In the control method with the VR controller, tilt should be prioritized over movement.
Also, there’s no actual control stick, so holding your hands in the air is tiring.
I want to steer with the movement of the wrist of the arm supported by something.
Even if the inside-out camera loses the position of the controller, it does not lose sight of the tilt.

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