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I have created a vote in a Wishlist forum after the video release. Now that it’s confirmed that there is no controller support, please go there and upvote this and let’s hope Asobo can add controller support soon. I hope that if they see that there is demand they will prioritize it accordingly. There is a lot on their plates to improve and fix this beautiful sim, so this needs to be heard in order to be implemented any time soon.

If you miss VR controllers, like I do, please upvote the controller support here. Unfortunately when I tried to move the topic here, voting disappeared, so it has to be there in the Wishlist section.


Hi all.

Just replying to this post to give it a bump in the VR forum as we need more votes! Anyone who hasn’t voted on the link above, please do so if you want the complete VR experience :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Because VR community is a minority, the post didn’t get enough votes yet to get into the latest “top wishlist”. I’m afraid things that don’t get there aren’t going to be noticed. But it’s not that far off, we need a hundred or two hundred votes to get there, I think.

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I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for it. I suspect there’;s a fair bit of specific coding to each set of controllers they support, so it won’t be the big win that OpenVR support was.

OpenXR will also take care of most of that code for as far as I know. Beyond that it is just a matter of binding buttons just like other controllers, they will provide default bindings for the most common ones.

So much this! The cockpits are so realistic in VR, I just want to reach out and touch them! Flip switches, pull levers!

I was shocked to see that this hasn’t even made it to the “top wishlist”! (no doubt because only a minority of users have VR)

Please vote for the issue here: VR Controller support is missing. Please add in addition to 3D mouse
And also vote for the upcoming QnA question here: Any plans for VR controller support

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