VR CTD with World Update 6

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Microsoft Store version

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Flying from Frankfurt to Cologne Germany, just as I was preparing to land in my Cessna 172, I experienced a CTD

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I went to my Garmin G1000 to get info on the runway. That’s about it.

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Nvidia 2080 Super i7 9700k

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World update 5

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Once again, Microsoft Store version

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It seems that whatever bug caused a CTD in World Update 5 is still there in World update 6. I was flying in VR. I was in Germany with real time weather. Thunderstorms were in the area but at the time of CTD there was no more lightning. I went to my MFD to get info on the runway to land at. I didn’t do anything else. I pressed scroll lock to open my ATC window and then the game paused still with sound and an hourglass appeared. Then CTD.

Could it be you have the super high fidelity Cologne/Bonn Aerosoft airport installed and with the higher resolution ground textures from the Germany WU and basically your system / GPU has just hit a resource limit.

No excuses though - I’ve had the same issue in London and Hong Kong using DLC with my 2080 Ti. Lets hope Asobo make there sim more resilant but I suspect it’s some resource limit which is causing the crash.

The sim has a safe mode now, but you could also try turning the texture quality down.

I have no add ons at all in the sim. I’ve had a CTD several times with the Cessna 172 with the (original) Garmin 1000. The first time was about 10 minutes into the flight over Texas. Another time it was about 45 minutes doing an RNAV approach in Texas. Another time in the Seattle area. All with world update 5. This time it was with update 6. I was about 5 minutes away from landing. I didn’t do anything with the Garmin as far as setting up an RNAV or ILS. The only thing I did was I went to the FMS and got information for EDKL which is Leverkusen Germany.