VR Development Details

We need some clarity around VR. There is a strong community of simmers who use VR in this sim and we don’t get enough attention. I would go so far as to say that we get ignored. At least we could get some indication of what developments are in the works.

Does anyone else agree? What do you guys want out of VR development?


Just like someone to confirm VR in MSFS2024. I know it’s been mentioned before but hope the anticipated improvements in graphics etc will translate over as well.


I would be happy if they fix the bugs(starting with the shutdown bug) and improve performance.


They confirmed it will be there in the developer Q&A. No details on any improvements, but there are no details about 2024 in general yet.


If they would simply answer the question, " Will you be implementing Quad View rendering in FS2024" If yes they all good, if the answer is no they are not taking VR seriously.


People have been asking that same question since VR in the sim launched. The answer Asobo give is that VR does get worked on. I think the truth though is that VR really isn’t popular enough for them to throw serious man power at it. The sim clearly wasn’t built from the ground up for great VR optimisation. Hence VR in the sim is a bit of a mess and there’s probably not a whole lot more they can do for FS2020.

FS2024 is a different matter though and its there we can have more hope. They did say in one of the recent dev Q+A’s that VR is working great in the new version and that it looks incredible. So maybe was can be cautiously optimistic.


Shutdown bug fix

A PC friendly UI

Fixing freezing when opening the panels.

Ability to rotate view in vr without having to spin my head around and reset view. Somewhat of a walk around mode.

Dynamically adjustable settings and level of detail to maintain fps.

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Sorry that doesn’t make sense? When I open a ui panel, the game has a small but very annoying freeze/stutter. If I hit esc it will pause the game?

Simple fact is the implementation of the 2d panels is poor at best.

Apologies, I misread your post. Don’t know why I thought you are talking about MSFS freezing when you are trying to load/save a flightplan in VR.

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Just fix the bugs!! Everytime I opened a case, I get the same answer, reinstall FS. So I gave up.

I fly exclusively in VR since I bought the sim in late 2020. First with a Reverb G2, later with a Varjo Aero. My hardware is able to handle VR (i9 12900K, RTX4090, 64 GB RAM).

My opinion on the VR experience? Even after 2+ years and 575h of flying time, I am still blown away with the immersion and overall feeling of VR, on every single flight!

I‘d be a very happy camper if things just stayed the way they are now with VR - I can definitively live with small hick-ups like the exit stutter.

Just needed to get some positive opinion about VR in MSFS2020 off my chest :slight_smile:


That statement is incorrect. MS has only deprecated WMR.
Windows will continue to work with OculusVR, OpenXR, SteamVR, PimaxVR etc.


I would like to know:

1: Will the blurryness of lights be adressed? Night flying is no fun in VR, as cities/runway lights are very blurry.

2: There are light rendering artefacts between left and right lense. Two Major Points: Tail light of AI Traffic is only rendered in left eye. And Navigation lights of AI Traffic behind Clouds is rendered only in left eye.

One more Point: Im so grateful to have this sim and flying airliners in VR. Its so much fun, you cant believe it. Thank you very much for this daily experience Asobo and Microsoft!

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Let’s hope so! VR in MSFS is such an amazing experience when it works.

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What headset are you on? Those problems sound like they could be to do with a set up issue.

I’ve never seen those issues.

Not hugely helpful….

Yeh I’m packing a suitcase full of cautious optimism over here!!! Is it really a small community? I wonder what the numbers are. It is certainly one of the most profound experiences you can have in VR (I may be biased!) I actually don’t think it’s terrible for what it is. It just stands to reason that the new iteration will be better for VR…….but as we know there is no reason.


Take a Look Here, people also mentioned this in quest and g2.

Im using a Pimax 8kx with DLSS.

Kind regards Andy

Soooo… with this logic, why in the world MS gaming products should support DLSS, or anything that’s not MS proprietary?

VR software support has NOTHING to do with VR hardware manufacturing.

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