VR display sometimes starts dimmed


I am using a Reverb G2 headset with a Microsoft Store copy of MSFS 2020. I have a problem where the VR display will get stuck in a dimmed mode. I can successfully have a couple of flights, in between which I will switch to the computer monitor (Ctrl-Tab) to set up the next flight. At some point, when I switch from the PC screen to the VR headset, the VR presentation is dimmed. When in on the PC screen, the presentation is a bright clear sky day. When I Ctrl-Tab switch to VR mode, the VR image is briefly bright on the PC and then dims. The appear is as if it is dusk. I don’t have a clear formula to correct the problem however getting out of MSDS and ecitting WMR generally resolves the problem.


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I had also this problem if i change the render scale from 80 to 90.
I am on htc vive pro and gtx1080.

I get this with the G1 too. Only way i can correct it is restart the sim.

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I ofthen get dimmed both MSFS 2020 and Oculus Quest 2. To get them bright I just go into and out of the MSFS menu (I press Esc key two times).

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I have this happening also. I don’t have to restart FS I just hit Esc to pause and then Esc to re-join in progress

Ok thanks I will try that.

I get it too using a Radeon 6800XT with the G2. I thought it was a Radeon driver issue, but it seems to affect nVidia cards as well. It’s a real pain and I have no idea why it happens. I usually have to at least restart the flight and failing that, restart the sim.

This also fix this random issue on my Oculus Rift CV1. Clearly not headset relative, all equals here (one for all, all for one) :upside_down_face:

Gosh, and I thought it was my hardware. I too have been getting this now and again - Oculus Rift CV1/GTX 1080i.

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I get this too now and again on a G2, but I just press ESC and normal brightness is restored, guess I am pretty lucky.