VR - Express your first impressions

Almost the same spec as you (7700K) - and enjoying it very much, too - but would be very interested to see your settings :grinning:

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I had this exact same problem yesterday. No matter what key I mapped to the VR Recenter it would do nothing. Like you I thought the game had frozen even though the mouse worked.

Today I tried to map the key to one of the buttons on my yoke and it worked!! Maybe try mapping to a button on your joystick or yoke

Pimax 8k
3080 RTX
Randolph Aviator AF146 Gun Metal

How the hell did the beta testing completely miss the glaring obvious problem with the Recenter key??

The game is running perfectly fine out of the box for me without me changing any settings at all. All I do is launch MFS2020 from a shortcut on my desktop, pick an airport to take off from, switch to VR mode and I’m in :ok_hand:

The VR experience is fantastic, the immersive feeling you get flying around an area you know is amazing. I had a great flight around Lanzarote today. The only complaint is that Lanzarote looks a bit to green :grin:

Just an completely different experience, feels like whole different game altogether… its alive!!:slight_smile:
Even using your joystick and looking around just feels more natural and easier to fly/land.

Downloaded 11gb worth of Manhattan, wasnt disappointed, insane!


First impression is bad. Unacceptable performance.
(R7 3800X - RTX 2080TI - 32GB RAM)

I followed the instructions in this thread VR issues - Oculus Rift S - #95 by chadwpalm by @chadwpalm
and this thread My settings so far for Rift S - #2 by MouthyGrunt97 to a T!

Exact settings…
@chadwpalm Solid setup advice! :beers:

i7-8700/32/5700xt/rift s. Using the oculus openxr and a lower render scale of 65 makes it usable. It is choppy, blurry and crashes all the time. Some mods do not work, like the cj4. Butttt… it is breathtaking. It is an incredible experience and in spite of all the issues it is already much nicer than my beloved xplane in VR. I am really enjoying it, and I really hope performance improves. Sometimes I get freezes and the glass hour, most of the time this can be bypassed by pressing escape twice.

I know right? I am from Tenerife but frequently visit Lanzarote, I think they took the satellite images after that huge rain season we hade like 4 years ago, I remember all the 7 islands were full of green for a while

Yes, that was around December 4 years ago. I have a villa in Playa Blanca so we go there quite a lot, I remember driving around thinking it reminded me of Ireland it was that green :smiley:

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I’m on the Rift S with Rtx 3080 and I have had hours of superb crisp and beautiful graphics, jaw dropping, so I know the visuals are there.
A few times I’ve entered the sim and the visuals had dropped. I’m wondering if it is because of the Msfs server.
I’m another X-Plane user but this is insane…

Just flew the Baron from Leeds Bradford to Liverpool and was amazed by the realism . The low sun, the ice on the wing and the late afternoon winter light. Phew…

On top of that, the avionics worked 100% lol…

Rtx 2080
Quest 2 via Virtual Desktop (5ghz wifi).
“80 / 100 / 100”
Very pleased with the performance. Crisp and clear. Smooth flying mainly with stock Cessna 172 in rural North Europe (Scandinavia). Can read the instrumenta fine without leaning in. Have a couple of hundreds hours in xplane 11 VR. This is so much more immersive and have unlimited potential for the future.

Happy Christmas folks.

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Managed to get it working (eeeevvveeennnttuuaaalllyyyy) with SteamVR and iVRy for Android, and phone holder / headset we got for my son’s stem class. My first VR experience tbh. Loved it. But I found that I can no longer change the mapping for desktop/vr modes, nor any of the others, like depth (which I don’t think I was able to map when I set up the desktop/vr toggle). So I’m stuck with an odd depth of field like 2 metres from the instruments. Other than that it’s a big thumbs up and contemplation over getting a decent headset.

Well done guys.

Did you just copy and paste almost everything in my rig?:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I am joking of course but with a few exceptions we have almost the same spec but
1- 64 Gb
2- SFX100 for motion but using the same software for motion
3- 3090 FE
I am now starting to push up the settings after adopting the settings from this post

Most important things to do is to download OpenXR in the Windows Store.
See you up in the sky


Wow thats great. Im pushing up now. Butter smooth at 80%, However if I go 90% instant stuttering but 80 gives awesome quality anyway.. Most others at high as they dont seem to affect smoothness. Note I didnt say FPS as im not a chaser, just look for smooth simplay. Maybe all the money weve spent will be worth it. Dont know if it`s me but the controls feel smoother and lag free in VR mode.

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It feels good to not even care to check FPS any longer just achieve smoothness and fly.

Im impressed for a first release for VR they have done a great job, it took some tweaking to get it running smooth but then most VR flight Sims do and after playing DCS and Il2 in VR since they released ASOBO have done a really good job, but there is work still to do.

The good

Feels great in VR, the experience is incredible of being in a plane and the clouds and surrounds look fantastic, just how realy flights I have done look, the world looks fantastic and because its using real ground textures VFR in VR is great.

Bush flying in BC is a wonderful experience now, and id happily say the VR experience is the best out of the other big 2 for me DCS & IL2 as far as just flying goes.

Being able to switch in and out of VR with a single key, this is a game changer for VR sims.

The bad

The mouse implementation use is rubbish, it floats above the glass cockpit in place is hard to use on some switches, its cumbersome at best, DCS has the best VR mouse implementation and hopefully ASOBO will look at it.

Default head positions for most planes are wrong, either too low or of to the left, you need to map keys to bring your eye point to the correct place most times before you fly, if you hit re-center VR it defaults back to the incorrect view. I cant believe this one got through beta testing.

No ability to be able to save the view to set your new VR eyepoint as a default, I know you can make a new camera position but that’s not the point.

Overall 7/10 for me with small but important VR issues that need to be fixed.

i5 6600K @ 4,8ghz
32 GB DDR3
Reverb G2

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Well I have to say bugs and all, I loaded up xplane with decent ortho and I just can’t do it. MSFS is just too pretty. I can’t go back.

I do miss sharing my cockpit and flying with my brother though.

I’ve had more time using VR mode, and now I find it my favorite way to play the game. I did a nice VFR flight from Socorro NM to Scottsdale, AZ. I did a cold start to see how well I could work with all of the cockpit functions on a Beechcraft B58, and I successfully started the plane up, taxied to the runway and took off. I then flew west at 5000 feet eventually climbing to 10000 feet and enjoying the scenery. My aim was to fly over the Very Large Array radio telescope, but I missed it on my westward journey. A couple hours later I executed one of my best landings ever in this game. VR seems to make it easier for me to get lined up to the runway.

My next session was an IFR flight from KSAN to KSFO in the B787, and Wow! The experience was amazing. I wasn’t sure if I could handle managing the systems well in VR but it wasn’t too bad at all. The tool zoom feature really helps me to read the MFD information since the resolution at the standard seating position is too low to make the display legible. Once again I executed a perfect landing.

I don’t think I can go back to using 2D monitor now.

I take it you did keybinds for “center VR”, etc.? I was stuck on this until I realized that the VR view keybinds were not set.

Intel i5-9600k, 32G RAM, NVMe drives, RTX2080. Quest 2. Saitek X-56 stick and throttle.

Feeling is great. Graphics are smooth. Takes a bit to get used to using a mouse on a 3d surface, but once you get the concept, it’s very cool.

No additional motion sickness for me, although I very rarely have issues.

Not sure why, but when you have the Oculus app and MFS running at the same time (before turning on VR) performance gets pummeled. Not sure where the bottleneck is, but wow. Corrects itself once you turn on VR in-game. I note that one of the issues claimed by the devs is that this is a problem with Windows Mixed Reality, so it’s interesting to see it in Oculus as well.

The only other thing that’s a little annoying is that Oculus Q2 resolution isn’t high enough to read the text in windows well. (like the route guide, many instruments, etc.). Wish I had that HP set… :slight_smile:

So, all very good, except…

The PC-link to Oculus keeps crashing. The plane keeps flying, and then flying with no VFR or IFR means the plane keeps crashing… :slight_smile:

I’ll note that this is the only thing that I use PC-link for on the oculus, so it may not be FS. I’ll give some other apps a try and see if it repros there as well.

Takeaway, other than the crash, looks great.