VR Eye Adaption Issues

I just had a sunset flight and the VR eye adaption was driving me crazy. I’ve not tried it yet mid day or evening but I was having wild swings in brightness. One could theoretically be driving their car without headlights in the conditions I was in but the ground was nearly blacked out unless I looked down at the instrument panel or directly to the ground from the side window.

I feel like I’m looking at a camera’s screen with center spot exposure turned on.

There’s already 2+ threads on this serious issue in the VR beta section, so please up vote them for immediate attention :slightly_smiling_face:

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All voted, I think people are just seeing this manifest in different ways.

I tend to fly at night or twilight. The photographer in me likes the shadows and contrast those lighting conditions provide.

I think the eye adaption may have been developed for mid day full sun flying. I tried and it actually is good there. But it’s a serious mess in any other condition.

Yeah, night and twilight flyer here. What headset are you using? I haven’t been able to fly anymore at night with my G2 because of it. I was like whatever, obviously a bug they’ll fix. Now I’m reading it’s intentional and I’m like… Are they really going to do us like that? I hate to be dramatic but it’s unplayable in the sense that I play VR for the immersion and this is fully immersion breaking for me.

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G2, try setting the eye adaption parameter in the UserCfg to 0. Supposedly you have to mark the file read only to prevent the sim from changing it back to 1.

It seems to lessens the effect enough to make it tolerable.