VR Flight Sim Guy reviewed our TBM 930 throttle quadrant... And he LOVED it!

For those who know me, you know I can say a lot. I’m not going to do that with this post, rather I’ll let him do the talking for me. I am obviously to the moon happy with what he thought of our creation. With many thanks and lots of credit due to my lead designer and business partner @DIYBeyond3D.

The review can be found here. The page for the product is here, and the homepage is here. Questions, please ping me.



Wow, @KevyKevTPA ! So impressed to see this hit the market! I need to watch the review but you know I don’t need a review to know that I NEED this for my TBM flying pleasure in MSFS2020 - Oh, and for the Hot Start version in X-Plane, LOL.

Flying the TBM will never be the same now. What’s great about this is that it’s a perfect input device to model due to its uniqueness. Anyone can use a standard input device for a multitude of aircraft but this one is special and unique to the TBM. Now to go read that review to confirm what I already know will be great!

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@Fmgc320 LOL Aaron, you don’t have to read a thing! It’s a video!!


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Doh! Can’t believe I said “read” oops my bad! :laughing:

Very interesting!
Do you use pots or hall sensors?

i watched the video and i love it. Will you be able to ship to Germany as well ?

In this unit I used 3 AS5600 hall sensors, for power, trim and propeller axes. Those need to be accurate. 4th axis is flaps axis and has slide potentiometer, 100mm travel. This slide pot is not as accurate as the other 3 sensors, because it only has to read 3 position. That allows us to buy less expensive parts and pass the savings on to our customers. The nature of the movement of the slide pot also adds to the immersion factor on the flaps lever.

Hope this answers your question :slight_smile:
And thank you for your interest!

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Very interesting !
Is there any specific driver or do we have olnly to set MSFS Controls parameters as seen in the vidéo.
Any shipment to France if yes what’s the cost ?

Thanks for that info!
The TBM is my favorite GA plane and I fly in VR only, so naturally I am very interested!

Shipping to EU?

It looks like you got it from the plane right…
it’s BEAUTIFUL, how far can you send it? How long do you take to make one ??

This looks great! congrats for the review, this shall give you a lot of positive exposure.


The answer is yes, we can ship outside the US, it just costs more for shipping than it would for a domestic customer. It causes a bit of a sticker shock when you compare cost of shipping vs. cost of product, but when you take into account what we should be charging (and what our competitors, where we have them, are charging), it’s not so bad. We’ve decided to discount our prices for our first batch of customers for being among our first customers, but we should probably actually advertise that little tidbit.

If you think you can deal with paying higher freight costs, email me with your contact and ship to info at kmoseley@3dparts.biz and I will get back to you with a formal quote. In your email, please remind me of who you are HERE so I know where the business is coming from and don’t think you’re just a random stranger who found us on Google. I also need to know if you’re interested in more than one product on a single order. If you’re of a mind that you might order something else, but later, that we can discuss when the time comes.

Please and thank you for all of the above. And thanks to everyone for your kind comments and your interest in our products.


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No driver needed. The board is plug and play, it only needs to be calibrated in windows first time its plugged in.

Shipping and cost is Kevins department.

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