VR Folks Please report your performance with new patch

Would be nice to see who’s getting better performance with this latest hotfix patch if all any.
Can’t really go off the improvements the 2D folks are posting as VR is a different beast.
Also state which gpu/driver and VR HMD.

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Update hasn’t changed anything with the use of my Rift S. I still have micro-stuttering in the cockpit view with head movement.
FPS unchanged.


Post your info and I’ll try and help as best I can.
I narrowed down a ton of stutter before this hotfix patch.

VR Setting In Sim?
Tray Tool Settings if any?

1080Ti; i7 8700K; 32 RAM
Nvidia driver : 457.30 (but i tried different versions)
OTT - SS 1.3; ASW 18 Hz (I also tried with OTT turned off)
Settings in MSFS without madness (but I also tried with the default for VR)

In general, the simulation is smooth - the view outside the window is OK. Only when the head is moving, the view of the cockpit is not perfectly smooth, only slightly jerky. It is very tiring, when you use VR.
I had the same problem with X-Plane when running XP in Oculus mode.
The method of booting up XP via SteamVR completely eliminated this problem. The simulation XP is smooth as butter.

Wow we have the same hardware combo!:beers:
I had to ditch OTT and go with the debug tool route.
For some reason the sim just doesn’t play well with OTT for me.
Every time I tried to use OTT it would be “underwater scuba vision image wobble”
So I use the debug tool bat file launch with these settings

service set-pixels-per-display-pixel-override 1.3

Currently using ole faith 457 driver…I may try the latest driver again tonight for the new patch.
As for internal sim settings
disable full screen optimizations in MSFS.exe properties
I use 90 render scale to go with the 1.3 SS.
of course reset your VR settings to default and push them up as you can.

I’m def seeing smoother performance with 18hz refresh though!

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This is likely because of Stream’s reprojection setting, more specifically motion smoothing. I have reprojection running on the G2 using OpenXR and moving around the cockpit is smooth as butter.

I did get a slight increase in performance using Overkill’s (youtuber) tweak to the flightsimulater.exe properties - you’ll have to search that on YouTube to understand but let me know if you can’t find it.

Performance for me was fine with the old patch - 2080Ti OC, 9900K @ 4.7Ghz and 64GB RAM.


Thank you very much for the tips.
I already turned off fullscreen optimization in MSFS.exe properties (although I remember having done this before)
However, I would very much like to get rid of using OTT.
Could you please describe more for me how and where to create and when to run a .bat file to force ASW to 18.
Sorry, but I’m not a computer science master :wink:

Did a benchmark and FPS was generally the same, then did a 30min flight and happy to report no stutters/lags like pre-patch (where the GPU usage drops and the CPU usage climbs simultaneously) so all good so far.


Indeed it is confusing but it takes probably a minute or two. Simply copy and paste the command lines i wrote in the previous post above to a blank notepad txt file and throw it in the Oculus folder that contains the debug tool. Then make desktop shorcut of the debug tool and edit that launch string as it states in Ben’s guide. Simply click the shorcut and launch MSFS.(expect a slight black bat window to flash) if you are playing other VR games after your MSFS session simply restart your computer to go back to default oculus internal hmd settings.(not sure if simply restarting oculus runtime is enough?)

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You mean this movie? →

Everything was as decent as could be before this patch for me. I was getting between 27-30fps with no micro-stuttering. It was really hard to understand what people were talking about.

Now? I’m getting around 22-27 frames WITH micro-stuttering. I’m also getting what I can only describe as a weird visual “waving” of the horizon when seen through propellers. And my throttle had to be unplugged/plugged back in.

Ryzen 7 3700 3.6ghz
32.0gb RAM
Geforce 2080 Super (Driver 461.40)
HP Reverb G1

Render Scaling - 70
Using latest preview
Custom Render Scale - 65%
Reprojection - Automatic

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I am using NVIDIA driver 457.30 on an RTX 2080 Super, along with the HP Reverb G2.

I just submitted the following report to Zendesk after my test flight this afternoon. Am I wrong when I assumed that that patch would have any impact on VR performance? I have only used VR mode for the past few months, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Here is my report:

My problem with major stutters continues to occur after patch on a flight from KSFO to KLAX. First the good news. The final approach and landing into KLAX was much smoother than it has been in the recent past, so thank you for that. The area that remains a problem has been an issue for almost all of my recent flights into KLAX. That area is between waypoint FIM and the turn to the final approach into KLAX. When I say extreme stutters, I mean for about 1-2 minutes the cockpit instruments appear to twist around, sometimes I see everything frame by frame, sometimes the VR headset flashes or goes to black (very briefly). It only occurs on the one occasion for 1-2 minutes, and then it returns to normal. I flew this same flight at least four times in the past week, and my results were consistent. Fortunately now the problem no longer occurs during final approach and landing into LAX.

My flight is using the Boeing 747 from KSFO to KLAX. It departed KSFO at 6:49pm (UTC) on Runway 01R. I flew IFR High Altitude at 33,000 ft. I used real world weather and real world traffic. I assigned the landing runway during my flight planning process, and that was ILS Runway 25L at KLAX.

I’m not sure if the stutter issue I’m describing should have been resolved by the recent update, since it is not in the immediate area of the airport, but it is just prior to the turn leading to final approach.

P.S. I also did a test take-off at KORD with the 747 after the update, and it was very smooth, just like my landing at KLAX, so I am convinced the patch fixed the issue at the large airports. Thank you very much for that.

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I would be super impressed if even the RTX 3090 owners could actually run the 747/787 or A320 at KLAX or LFPG semi smooth. Those places are just really bad performance eaters. I could hardly climb out of either with default VR graphics settings and ZERO clouds

I was wondering that myself. I was using real weather and real air traffic too, so I guess some stutter is expected. Thanks for your feedback.

There is something really wrong in areas like these because even approaching above 10k feet where things usually smooth out the higher you climb away from all the demanding scenery objects. They still stuttered really bad. Even at 15k feet over LFPG several miles out and away it would not release its chokehold of stutters on me.:rofl:

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RTX 3090 / amd 5800 / 32gb (non steam version)
Quest 2 cable via 80hz 1.4 and
nvidia 461.92
all high or higher^^
didnt do klax but JFK today and i with comparisen to weeks ago it does a lot smoother. Didnt check fps but with the tbm there was no stuttering over new york. weeks ago fps droped down a hole but today it was just a smooth fly in to kennedy steve! Think the oculus and the nvidia works fine. Before i had those blurry wobbeling specifily on bigger airpots. Noticed this days ago that was gone after the ups.

Edit: live traffic and weather.

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Thank you very much for your help.
Unfortunately. Although I did everything step by step, I applied all the tricks and settings for NVidia and ODT (along with the .txt runtime file I created).
I give up. The effect is the same as before these operations. Slight stutterr of the cockpit when moving the head (even with gentle and slow movements). When I don’t move my head, the image outside the window is OK.
Thanks again, but I guess I’m not the only one with this problem.

That sucks!
I know it can be immersion breaking in VR also.
Have your tried 80 render scale?
Are you running GPU monitoring software?
What is your Rift S setting on? (Performance or Quality Mode)

I did a flight from 3N6 to KMMU and noticed the closer I was getting to NY performance would tank intermittently. So I repeated the same flight with the same settings and everything was smooth. I think it might have to do with the rolling cache being reset after the update. So whoever is experiencing bad performance I urge you too repeat the same flight again to see if there is an improvement. So far I’m seeing great performance gains with this update.


Thats great to know!
I’m gonna hop on later tonight!
Fingers crossed my system likes the new patch also!