VR Gloves compability

I hope The MFS Team work for compability vr gloves.
I have the VRFree Sensorix gloves but I am working with them just in DCS.
I am waiting for the same to MFS 2020.

So in DCS do you use the VR gloves with a physical cockpit or something else?

No sir

Ok my VR controller experience comes from using them in X-Plane.

When you move the controller close to a switch it will highlight and you feel it in the hepatic. If you then while holding the trigger flip the controller up the switch will flip up.

Knobs work the same way that when you get close they highlight and you feel the hepatic. If while holding the trigger you rotate the controller you will hear the clicks of the knob and feel it with the hepatic.

It seems intuitive to me but have been using VR controllers for years so that might be the reason.

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According to the last developers task list I read, controller usage in VR was on there but not considered crucial or high up on list.

The status is Started and release date is 2021.
Better than nothing.

But I think the logic would be for them to work first on the Quest 2 hand tracking system rather than any other glove accessories because they’d hit a bigger audience with such a feature.


Would be great to have hand tracking with the Reverb G2!

Agree. Hand tracking with all VR headsets

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What do we want!
Hand tracking!
When do we want it!


A single VR preview would be enough for me to calibrate and use my PointCtrl.
To this day I still don’t understand why we need a stereo image on the monitor.

How do I vote for this

At the top next to the title, click on vote:

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Thanks for ur kind answer on something so mundan

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