VR Headset Advice Please

I’m thinking about trying VR. I don’t need to be convinced at this point. But I could use some advice on products. I really don’t want to spend a vast amount of money to own the latest and greatest headset.

Looking for the most bang for the buck. I don’t want to spend unwisely too little, or too much either. Looking for reliability and a solidly made product.

i9 10900
GTX 2070 Super
32 gb ram
2 tb ssd
Asus 32 inch curved monitor, 165 hz 2560×1440 HDR10

The best bang for the buck is the HP Reverb G2. It’s more expensive than the Quest 2, and definitely not as versatile, nor as mobile. If you plan to share your headset with family members, or use VR for other games, then I would suggest the Quest 2. But for flight simulation use only, the G2 is way superior.


Agreed go with the G2…I am very happy with it and the price has settled down from the time I got mine !


I actually have the HP Reverb Professional edition, which I think equals a G1? I am very pleased, and the HP Reverb Pro edition on eBay is decently priced right now, … a thought

I have had the Vive pro, then the Valve Index, then the HP G2. Once I finally figured out the settings for the G2, My Vive Pro and Valve Index are back in their boxes, and its been G2 for flight sim…

The G2 has better resolution, almost unnoticeable screen door effect.

The drawback to the Oculus Quest 2 is the battery time, my friends, have to stop flying and recharge the unit, since they have to use it cabled, and can’t get it to do wireless. Other people can do wireless on here, and use power cable to charge, thereby not stopping long flights…

Seems like new technology should be coming out, but think people are right best bang for the buck is the HP G2.

I think the best bang for the buck overall is likely to be the Quest 2 especially if we’re talking in general and not just flight sim usage.

That said, G2 does have its pros such as much better audio, fully native pcvr support and higher resolution (which you won’t get full use out of with MSFS2020). On the other hand Q2 has better tracking/controllers, standalone functionality, ability to go wireless and is significantly cheaper. You could see not having to do business with Facebook as a benefit of the G2 also though.

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If you’re going to play mainly sims get the G2, if you’re going to play mainly a mix of games, get the quest 2.

Keep in mind that VR market is moving. 2022 will likely introduce headsets that are again a big jump forward. I recently bought the cheapest headset (the Quest 2), planning to replace it once the new headsets arrive. No point in buying a Varjo at this moment IMO.
Quest 2 works pretty well and I can’t imagine there’s a shocking difference with the G2.
BTW, The head strap of the Q2 is horrible so you WILL buy a decent one (100$) and maybe also a battery pack ($40) (wireless only lasts 2 hour max.)
That will probably make the Q2 about as expensive as a G2?

What I do like about Q2, is that you can play other games without a cable.
If you’re only doing FS, G2 might be better option. But I wonder if the quality is that much better. You’ll be fighting for FPS and clearity just the same.

Off topic, as mediocre as the current state of VR is, it’s absolutely already worth it.
The immersion completely outweighs the lack of 4K and shows you what unbelievable potential lies ahead for Flight simming.

You are right.
I own both headsets and, as far as MSFS is concerned, the G2 has deeper colors, sharper focus, richer audio, and easier set-up (at least for the Windows version of MSFS). I use the Quest 2 for general gaming and the G2 for flight sim.

Thanks very much for the outstanding insights, especially from a flight simmer’s perspective. Wow, it’s going to cost more than I had hoped, I may have to wait a while after having just upgraded my monitor. That was a much needed upgrade though.

But you guys helped me compare the pros and cons with these three main choices for MSFS. If I were going to purchase today (but unfortunately not) I would go with the hp G2, because flight simulation will likely be all that I use for VR. The better and deeper the display colors and clarity, the better! The give-and-take advantages of the higher end and budget end, hold no advantages for me, over graphics performance.

Thanks again for the information! Hopefully this thread will also be useful for others who want to look into purchasing VR equipment for their Flight Simulator .

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Just had first day in VR with a v1 Rift connected to an older GTX 1070. I’m hooked, although I feel like I’m flying with and extreme case of far sitedness now. Oculus was looking good until Facebook took over.

The G2 sounds good.

I’m not sure though whether the RTX 2070S might struggle to run the G2. Does anyone have any experience of this combination?

RTX 1080 is supposedly the minimum specs for the G2. I’m using a 2080 and it does just fine. Of course I could do better with a 3080, but enjoyment is relative, isn’t it?

Thanks @Icarus61 for throwing the question out there to be pondered. I was hoping some might check out my specs for this kind of feedback.

Thanks @SamuraiSax for replying to this question. Exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for. Especially since your graphics card is in the same category as mine. Not likely that my 2070S would be crippled if your 2080 suffices.

Follow up question - Have had a G1 (pro edition) for a couple years. Is the upgrade to G2 worth it?

Mainly interested in sound, color, and tracking improvements. The sweet spot doesn’t bother me with the G1 have learned to adapt to that. I know the FOV is narrow and that would be at the top of my list but until Pimax’s are supported it is what it is with VR.

In reading reviews, it seems the things I list above are at the top of the list at what the G2 does better.


Not really, the G2 is 5% sharper in the center, but the general sharpness falls off faster than in the G1.
By and large, it’s just cosmetic. Lighter cable, different headphones. I also know people who prefer the old G1.

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I’ve only seen reviews of the G1 versus G2 and G2.1 but I feel to answer this, it depends on what you are doing. I own the G2 and it’s great for simming and I would say if you just plan on simming in the G2 then the upgrade isn’t worth it unless the mura-type effects really bug you. G2’s also offers better audio, more vivid colours, and better tracking but nothing that you couldn’t live with in the G1.

I do however think the G2.1 which SystemActive is selling now in the UK provides a much more balanced VR experience if you play a lot of other types of VR games without moving to something like a lighthouse-tracked headset but personally I would save my money for some potentially better headsets coming out in the later part of 2022.

Goodness, I just looked at video card prices. Even my old GTX 1070 is selling for insanity. I was thinking perhaps go SLI? But no, lol.

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