VR headset change


I’m sorry for my English.

My hardware:
I7 11700k 5Ghz
HMD Odyssey+
48 Gb Ram
Geforce Arous RTX 3080TI

I want to update my HMD odyssey + and I am unsure between Reverb G2 or Pimax 8kx. I want more clarity in VR and with my odyssey + I don’t have it.

I look for more clarity in the environment.
Is it worth the change from the odyssey+ ?
Has anyone switched from odyssey+ to HP or Pimax?
With my current equipment, what do you recommend (Reverb G2 or Pimax)?

Thank you.

I can’t comment on going from an odyssey to G2 or comment on how good the pimax 8k is but i can comment on a G2, I went to that from an oculus quest 2 and oculus rift s. the G2 was miles better than the rift s and about 10-20% better than the quest 2 for visuals in msfs, your pc specs will get you 35-55 fps in vr with a G2, even without motion smoothing its reasonably ok judder wise. if you can put up with some graphical glitching then motion smoothing makes it butter smooth.

i’m biased, but i’d go for the G2. its much cheaper and your pc will be able to power it better. i hope someone with a pimax chips in in this thread.

I’d 100 percent get the G2. In the UK and US it’s got a nice discount now, and according to Steve from VRFlight Sim Guy channel on Youtube it runs MSFS much more smoothly.

I’m not completely sure but I believe for the Pimax you also need to buy base stations as well which add another £350 to the price.

I have a Quest 2 (great for all around VR) and the Reverb G2 and I wouldn’t even consider anything else right now.

We’ve got some massive headsets coming next year, including a Valve Index 2 (codenamed Deckard) that brings eye tracking, varifocal micro OLED displays with a wide FOV, that also offers both standalone and PCVR connectivity. Oculus are also releasing a Quest Pro, again with eye tracking, micro OLED and face and mouth tracking, plus a higher resolution than the G2.

The Pimax is way overpriced for what you get, you’re better off with a Reverb G2 and then wait for one of these new headsets in 2022.

Even if I am an absolute advocate of the 8kx (well, it is complicated to adjust and does not fit everyone) I would advise against it if it is mainly about FS2020.
Every WideFOV HMDs over 120 Degree are not properly supported by the FS. In DCS/IL it is again unbeaten in my opinion, since the full 160 degrees can also be used.
In FS2020 you will get a lot of artifacts in the peripheral view or you use PP to solve this, but with low FPS.

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