Vr invites

Any one had an invite for the vr beta test yet just an interest to see if they have started

if im not completely wrong they’ve already selected their vr testers

not sure, didn’t put in cause waiting on my hp g2

Applications are still open, but whether that is for stage 1 and/or stage 2, is not clear.

An NDA will apply, so even if peeps have been selected, it may be that they aren’t able to share.

Anyone got an invite yet?

Not yet.

It is interesting though, with just a dxdiag being needed to register an interest in taking part, how they are going to know if you have a G2 on order or whether the now rather ancient CV1 is currently as good as it gets?? :slight_smile:

Good point! I was thinking of that as well the past few days… how do they know which Headset you are using? Should I had it connected during dxdiag? If so, I FAILED totally :open_mouth:

Welll, only Windows Mixed Reality Devices (WMR HMDs) are able in the 1st wave. All other should expect a beta invite in December 2020 or LATER :frowning:

I didn’t look too closely at my dxdiag report, but it may be that they can see the software, as well as the hardware (if it’s plugged in).

If you still have yours, maybe check it out, to see if it contains anything that might provide a clue as to which you have.

Well I do have a Oculus Quest - but had it not connected during dxdiag creation. So finally I’ll be in at phase 2 anyway.

Yes !!!

Plug it, run dxdiag again, look the xml file and check your WMR hmd is there, and submit it again

The Dxdiag should list “holo lens”

Good update guys. I’ll do it later again with the VR Headset connected. If this is true, maybe they should include this point into the “how to submit” section …

In today’s Q/A they said like the VR beta is comming with Update 5 … I’m very confused

It is… but only for Microsofts Holo … See here -> https://www.flightsimulator.com/vr-closed-beta-information/

I was expecting a separate build for the VR Beta …