VR Key Bindings missing and not editable

Default VR Key Bindings are missing and not editable. Key bindings elsewhere in Options are all present and editable.
Starting VR from the button on the options screen works but it is impossible to get past the initial Camera Reset prompt.

Yes, this was confusing to me too. I bound these options by going to the regular key binding menu, then searching for “VR” in each of the peripherals that I wanted to bind them to.


That’s helped but surely that’s not how it should be? Surely the default settings should already be there in the first place by, well, by default!

And I still can’t find the right key bindings for camera translations other than Horizontal, left/right.

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Yes I have the same bug here. Any solution?

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I fell into this trap last night when I jumped into VR without pre-binding something to get back out again (Alt-F4 to the rescue – Twice).

WHY it wasn’t on the VR screen is beyond me. Instead, you have to go to your keyboard profile, search for “VR” and then bind your choice of keys to get in AND OUT of VR. This was poorly documented in any installation instructions or videos that I have seen.

Just sayin’

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I have found a workaround for rebind default VR keys, just open command settings and use default keyboard set. All you have to do is just to rebind any custom keys you had set before, but you’ll get default VR keys too. Hope it will help. Merry Christmas to all pilots!

I don’t see this as too dramatic … once i have the 4 important VR keys set to buttons on keyboard and/or joystick-hotas, that i like and/or can use for them, all is done and ready to go for as long as i use the VR mode after that. Sure, they could have mentioned this before, maybe in the release notes

But since they don’t and can’t know, what keys are still available to each of the over 2 million sim users, it’s better to leave them unmapped at start, because every individual user has for sure many times different keys bound to different orders, hardware-inputs and such - so for me that’s the most logical solution, to have no default settings for VR at all, because it easily could get in conflict (or even erase individual settings) with many users key/button settings for other controls.

It’s working really great, too, to switch the VR mode on or off - take off the HMD and do some stuff on the monitor and right after jump back into VR with a button push. That’s a great way to implement VR - once you have bound the VR keys only once (fitting to your keyboard/joystick/rudder profile), you’re ready to go.

And, this is the first version of this VR mode - surely there will be updates and improvements coming in the future. Before there was no VR mode, now we have one just 4 month after release date, just give them some time and yes, give them ideas, to improve the VR mode.

+1 (Voted) Yes - would really like to be able to bind the cockpit zoom feature of the right mouse button to a button on my joystick.

The UX design in this is just, well… surprising considering it really is one of the most advanced pieces of software out there right now.

Did not work for me the binds are missing even in the basic options menu

I have an idea for the developer. Let’s make this as confusing as possible. Forget ease of use for end user. No its too easy to go to vr menu and bind keys that way. We need to make the customer confused. Irritated. Make them jump through hoops. Spend time online looking for solutions.

I really want to buy the deluxe version. But until they get their shir together I will continue to pay 10 a month for game pass. Really???

How about they look at dcs and xplane. See how user friendly it is and do it that way. Not make it confusing, complicated, or hard???