VR Kneeboard now available

Not sure if I’m the first to find this but I think the first kneeboard is out for VR and non VR.



Another handy ebag, works a treat in VR and it’s free - eBag (Electronic Flight Bag) also works in VR • Microsoft Flight Simulator


If you need panels:


The web works under subscriptions and if you pay any plan you can download all panels. All addons will works after your subscription expires.

PDF Viewer
METAR Viewer
CANVAS (for paint in a panel)
Little NAVMAP Panel
VFR MAP Enhanced


Very nice!

Can the canvas window work with a graphics tablet.

Also confused on the subscription, does it mean I have to pay each month?

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If the tablet works like a mouse you will can use it.

If you have an active subscription you will can download updates. All items downloaded will work forever, or until Asobo says ;D

Thanks, per month or year subscription, it doesn’t say?

Yes, it’s all explained in the site. Three options, month, year and forever.

I just bought this. I highly recommend it for VR. Ive been waiting for this for a while. Worth every penny. Works great with Oculus Rift S.

And can you make an awesome app for a VR map that tracks your flight with Navigraph data overlay, terrain, and streetmaps? Like Littlenavmap, but I cant get Littlenavmap to appear in VR.

There already is a Littlenavmap panel that works great. You have to make sure the LNM web server is running before starting MSFS.


@JoseyWales - I see. Works awesome. Best ten bucks Ive spent all year.

Hey guys! Just wanted to “throw my hat in the ring” and share with you my little extension FSKneeboard (formerly known as “VFR Map For VR”), which combines a handy map (including tacks and waypoints), a charts viewer and a notepad, all optimized for VR usage. A free version of the mod is available for download at Releases · Christian1984/vfrmap-for-vr · GitHub

Features like LittleNavMap and Navigraph integration, “track up” for the map module, support for multiple notes and note-taking with your iPad etc. are on my roadmap…

And if you like the free (and open-source) version of the extension and would like to support the further development of the mod you can do so by “going pro” on https://fskneeboard.com :slight_smile:

If you have questions, suggestions or anything else on your mind, please do not hesitate to reach out. I’m an active member of the community and always happy to help!

Cheers and always three greens,

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This seems very promising especially when Navigraph Charts gets integrated into your app. Can you share any timeline on when that could happen? Thx

@TheStoepsel2001 great job Christian. In your learnings in building this, is there any way to mirror external programs and interact within msfs.

More specifically the vatsim client Vpilot. Currently I use oculus to bring the screen into VR but need to altab out of msfs to be able to control that app.

This looks perfect. Is the ability to take notes on a graphics tablet available?

Question : Can you save your charts in pdf format and view them in VR with the Pro version of your app or must they be in png format only ?


With this panel you only have to copy pdf files into files folder.

Hey @Piper9t3 - For the time being the charts viewer can only display png. I am, however, working on a solution to get pdf charts up and running in the foreseeable future. Regarding Navigraph I can’t give you a timeline, yet, as I’m in the very early stages of researching the topic and there API etc.

Hi @HURCN30 - Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: That feature is on my roadmap already… I can’t promise when it will arrive, though. Covid is a ■■■■■, and I spent most of my spare time looking after my two kids rather than coding right now, as they can’t go to kindergarten. But I’m pretty sure development will speed up some time soon. Let’s stay optimistic! :slight_smile:

@MEWSIK - Hey there! Great idea regarding Vpilot and the likes. I’d love to implement something like that, but didn’t come up with a feasible solution yet. But I’ll certainly keep that in mind!

Thanks all of you who shared their feedback with me and giving FSKneeboard a shot. Be it free or by actively supporting it in terms of purchasing a license. You guys are great! I’m always eager to get your feedback. So please don’t hesitate to reach out in case you have question or encounter any issues.

Cheers, and always three greens!

Great news!! The Kneeboard is now updated to version 2.6

i love the “Hide your own airplane” option!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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