VR Mode - Black Stencil on screen (Update to Oculus Beta Software)

Thanks, you’re the only one out there with an answer!!!

Screen locks on RECENTER please look straight in front of you and VR-Camera reset key

What is this key? Screen is locked have to restart windows. Not able to select any menu items once switch to vr mode is selected

Any ideas?

I had this one first run too. They need to force you to setup a key bind for the reset before actually taking you to this screen.

I had to force quit and setup a bind, then all was well.

Kind of a miss when it’s the first thing you do, and it can’t be done lol

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Same here, I use Oculus Rift S

You have to bind the key of your choice in the settings. You’ll find it in the camera section to bind the views. I personally chose “Z” on the keyboard and it worked for me.

Yes - that fixed everything for me, too, to update to the Oculus beta drivers - those black stencils were gone and the VR reset was working then perfectly, before using the newest beta drivers the VR reset had me sitting outside on the ground next to the front wheel of the Cessna … :slight_smile:

Ok, but not sure where and how to set the bind key.

Bind? How?

In your controls setup, search for “VR”

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Once I was able bind the Z key toggle. VR works well. Try flying the Pitts or Extra for some great VR effects.

I use 200 for scaling, the effect is equivalent to the super-scaling of 2.0 I was using in Xplane. I adjust the rest of the settings to make it smooth enough for my needs without the sacrifice of the eye candy.

I7-8700k OC
32GB Ram
Nvme SSD
Oculus Rift CV1

I’m having a hard time getting anything over 30fps with my 1070 :frowning:
That’s with a 2000MHz clock and 4600MHz mem speed too.

9700k @ 4.9GHz

Guess I should set everything to off/low and see if a 100 scale will give me acceptable fps.

No point in going higher than that.

Thanks this fixed my problem. I have the windows version not steam and the Rift S.

Same. I want to retire my 1070 but i cant even buy a graphics card right now!

Hi, same problem, but I‘m using htc vive pro. I don‘t have the oculus software on my pc, only steam-vr. Somebody knos the solution for same problem but by using htc with steam-vr? Thanks!

I hope it works…

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