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Since world upgrade 5, which allows me to run with Ultra settings in 2D at 50+ fps with a pin sharp image on my 4K monitor, with no noticeable stuttering, I am now disappointed at the relatively poor quality, unsharp image when running in VR on my reverb G2 headset. The image sharpness is probably no worse than it always was in VR at around 30fps.
I’m running msfs2020 on an I7 9700k with 64Gb memory and Nvidia 2080 video card with 8Gb vram. (Latest version of open xr installed
Would appreciate any suggestions to improve visual performance in VR.
Also has MS any intentions of upgrading VR performance?

They have mentioned in the latest post that they are giving some time to VR between now and the end of the year

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Try virtal desktop. Dont know if it runs with reverb…
Quest and VD is kinda good…

Thanks for the info. I think I might just stick with 2D at present.

I’m a bit surprised by your comment since VR was significantly improved lately.
Make sur both your OXR and MSFS render scales are at 100% to make sure you have the best visual quality - that is presuming your 2080 can handle this setting.

Hi and thanks for your comments. I was trying to suggest that the 2D performance, has been improved significantly, and is so good now, that it makes the VR performance look poor.
Re your improvement suggestions, if I set OXR and MSFS render scale to 100%, fps drops to around 20 and juddering is unacceptably bad. Best setting I’ve found so far is around 70%, but i appreciate your suggestions.

I with my 3070, if I upload it above 70% what I see is a slideshow and the trails that are leaving the taxi lights

IF you have it at 70% this will be the problem. I had mine at 80% to try and gain some frames but the gauges were almost unreadable so I played with my settings from scratch and now am able to run at 100% without issues and with good, smooth performance (on medium textures).

The difference in cockpit instrument readability is very noticable.

Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll have a go at experimenting with different settings, when I get the chance.
Most of my settings are at high at present. I flew over London this morning and managed to achieve around 40fps, judder free, in VR, by changing the windows graphics hardware acceleration to “on”.
I suppose it also depends on how low you fly.
I enjoy flying below 1000ft so it’s really a trade-off between “acceptable” judder and “acceptable” image quality, given that my graphics card and CPU are not “top of the range”
Thanks for your help.

Having said that, I just bought a couple of the jets from the marketplace and the VR performance tanked when flying them!

Don’t have that issue with any of my prop aircraft, so I’m guessing it’s the additional load on resources of the extra aircraft systems and the speed at which the scenery and objects need to load being increased. But after getting it so sweet for props, I’m not going to mess around again and I’ll leave the jets in the hangar for a while!

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