VR Mouse almost unuseable

i find it much easier than using the controllers. Always used to use mouse in XP11 VR

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The main problem I’ve found so far using the mouse in VR is trying to tune the radios inner knob. Sometimes it works correctly but more often it just switches frequencies back and forth. I’m sure they’ll get it worked out but for now I think I’ll just stick to the ATC menu.

The mouse is terrible at the moment, it really takes away the immersion with the pointer floating about and trying to line it up with switches etc.I
I realise some like using the mouse but it’s certainly not the best method.

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You need to use the right mouse button to zoom in and then hold it while pointing/clicking with the left button. A little odd, but it works.

Is there no way to use te controllers that come with VR glasses?

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Try other aircraft.
I have seen some planes work with the VR Mouse better than others.
For example the included C172 works fine but the Carenado C182T is messed up big time!

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You must have bad controllers. With Oculus touch controllers in xplane 11 I can just reach out and flip switches and turn dials. Very immersive.

I will try that when I get home. Where was that documented because first I’ve heard of it.

The mouse is almost unusable in the Cubs, it is as if it ‘bounces’ against an invisibible glass plate.

Same in the KingAir. The mouse cursor just bounces on the target but doesn’t stay. Turning a knob is hit and miss. Mostly miss.

I don’t think it was documented. I just came across it by chance.

I had the same problem but when I close my right eye I can use the mouse perfectly. Not a great solution but it works!!


The Asobo VR devs should have a little chat with the devs at Eagle Dynamics. The DCS VR mouse implementation is just perfect. So good that people have built dedicated VR controllers for it that work just perfect. www.pointctrl.com

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I have the same problem with the mouse in the xcub and reported it to zendesk. It is very hard to change vertical speed on the autopilot or zoom in on the gps map. I hope they’ll fix this because man, I love this game in VR.

When i use my mouse in vr, with head moving around and mouse moving also, i acidentaly click in the main fs window and just close it…
At first i thought it was a crash, but i tested it, moved my head closer to mcdu and simply use it, probably influenced by my dpi config the mouse moves faster in windows and a simple right and up movement folowed by a left click closes the window.
I know that full screen will probably fix it, but i need to interact with desktop, its mutch easy to window it, and im sorry if i can not accept this problem, they should know better.
Is any one else having this ridiculous problem?

That works lol But you are right…not ideal…thanks anyway :smile: :+1:

For the X Cub I can’t get the mouse to click on the Garmin touch screen. It seems to float in air above it. I have not tried the one eye method to see if this works. Seems like the mouse does not jump to the surfaces on touch screen displays

Flying mainly cub savage, mouse is hard to use, “hitting” the buttons is mostly guess work, pointer juming into panel and back into oblivion. Mouse/VR implementation in DCS is a dream compared to current state in FS.
It needs a rework

you are right - that means that the rendering of the right eye has to be fixed by Asobo.
I opened a bug report here - please vote:

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