VR Mouse Pointer Inconsistent in Cockpit (not all flat on surfaces)

A320 you broke in SU5. Trying to target MANAGED ALTITDE is a minigame.
KINGAIR 350 is hard to target Altitude when it is easy to hit TRANSPONDER which is the panel below and behind it.
Any which use FLYPADS are a total mess.

This problem popped a while ago. What is the issue? In VR, when you move your cursor accross the panel, the mouse floats a distance away from the panel (towards the back of the plane), but when it hits a button, it jumps. It is very hard to accurately move the mouse as a cursor to operate anything. Buttons are still relatively easy, but try the rotating buttons in the G1000, it’s almost impossible, especially in a moving cockpit during flight.

My setup: AMD 3700X / 32GB RAM / RX6950XT / HP Reverb G2 / Default Cessna Grand Caravan 208B