VR Problem to play Video card

Since the release of the game I play and when they release the VR Update no problem to play.

Play VR since that time and yesterday I’had play all the day long without issues.

But this morning Surprise when start the game and try to play in VR a message appear and said

video card doesn’t meet requirements

My system is 3700k intel and gtx 1070 Win 10 64 bit install on a 970 Evo plus m.2,

Someone can answer me why suddenly I’m blocked?

Do you know if your video driver has changed version since?

the version is recent an was uninstalled with DDU in safe mode

everything was fine yesterday with the same driver and the same installation

who block me Windows or the game himself?

Problem Solved!

My video card have 5 display connector
3 Display Port ( VE278 for 2 of them and one for Oculus Rift S)
1 HDMI Asus VE 278
1 DVI Samsung TV 55 Inch

solution need to desactivate the TV hdmi only 4 can be active at the same time

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Glad to hear that you found a solution.
Enjoy your VR flying!

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