VR Reverb G2 stopped working after Windows Update to 21H2

Everything else works fine but when I press CTRL/TAB to switch to WMR with my Reverb G2 MSFS 2020 CTD.
Was working absolutely perfectly up until the Windows Update to 21H2.
All my car racing Sims work perfectly in VR after the update. Just MSFS 2020 that doesn’t.
No support for triple screen and now VR doesn’t work.
Doesn’t work using SteamVR either.
I suspect it is something to do with the USB side of the VR connection as I now have to unplug and replug G2 first time after a reboot as it says not ready and this never happened before update to 21H2. 21H2 has messed up my USB set up somehow as I also had a problem with recognising my X52 which I solved by taking it off an extension and plugging into main board (always worked on the extension before 21H2).
I have tried a different USB port for the G2 but still no good. I have tried various USB settings to keep port active to no avail.

So I have fixed it somehow. I am now running - NIS enabled; Use Latest Preview OPENXR OFF; DX11.

It may have been DX12 or OPENXR latest preview ON or combination of the 2 that caused my problem. Then again with all the USB problems I was having it may have been something there. Also the UserCfg file is coming up with some strange settings (Resolution 1920 1057, Full Screen Resolution 2715 1527!) and if I change them to Resolution 1920, 1080 Full Screen Resolution 1920 1080 for the next run they get changed back to the strange ones when the program runs so I don’t know what that’s all about??

Anyway I am leaving it exactly as it is now, as it works!

I might as well leave this topic open in case it helps? someone else.

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