VR - Some general questions

Hey All,

I’m looking to go the VR route soon and looking at the HP Reverb G2. Generally speaking for sims, do you need the dedicated controllers as well or just the headset plus your normal controllers, e.g. HOTAS? For VR more generally, are the controllers necessary/preferred?

I’m trying to decide which Reverb G2 kit to go with, the one without or the one with the controllers.

Also, generally speaking, when using sim with VR, can a spectator see what you are seeing on the monitor or do they get the standard sim view?

So many questions, sorry. Just trying to get a handle on it all.

And I’m typing from the cockpit while the AP on the A320 is behaving itself. It has not put me into the ground for days now :slight_smile:


For the sims I use (il-2 and DCS) the VR controllers are not used. I do use a specialized bit of hardware to click the cockpit in DCS, a www.pointcrl.com device. Well worth it imo.

Games written for VR, such as VTOL VR or Half Life Alyx do need the VR controllers and often are not usable without them.

In the two sims I use, the screen displays a repeat of what the left eye in VR sees.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. That makes things easier :slight_smile:

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