Vr suggestions

Never really been interested in the whole be experience but this is very tempting with this game,

So I’m after some advice from the guys that have and use it with this simulator as I don’t want to be throwing money away

I’ve been looking at this oculus which can be found below

Oculus vr

Controllers I won’t use as I would like to use yoke and throttle still,

System specs should be okay?

I7 8700k
Rtx 2080 OC version
32gb ram at 3600mhz

The game is very stable on ultra settings on pc and when they become more available I’m looking at the rtx 3080/3090 depending on bottlenecks

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Kind regards

First, you must know you have to log in with Facebook to use any Oculus headset, since the company was absorbed by them and it’s just a Facebook brand right now. Second, Oculus Quest 2 is the same price and has better specs no matter how you look at it (60% higher resolution), plus it can be used wired, wireless or without PC so I strongly suggest buying that (Rift S is only that low because they stopped producing them and are trying to get rid of stock). Only problem with Quest 2 is it’s not that comfortable for long 2+ hour flights so you’d have to look into comfort mods (maximum 40 extra bucks).

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Before investing, I would suggest watching some reviewers of the various VR headsets out there. Many factors go into your experience, from comfort to resolution. Every person is different and for me, I would want a higher eye resolution. I currently have an Odyssey Plus which has a higher resolution than the Oculus Rift S but if I had the money, I would look at the new G2.

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