VR Vive Cosmos cockpit controls flicker in right eye

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Vive Cosmos - cockpit controls in the right eye flicker at certain head position.

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In the VR, get into any aircraft with Garmin 1000, look straight ahead and move your head slightly left and right. In the right corner of your right eye you will see the Garmin controls and other cockpit elements flicker. The bug is present in all aircraft, but in the Garmin ones is more apparent than in others. It seems like there is a point in the right eye VR field of view, that moves with the head and creates the flickering. As you turn your head and move the view across the cockpit, the flickering happens at the same spot of the field of view. The problem can be seen in the VR mirror view on the monitor too, so it has nothing to do with the VR lenses or optics. Also, this bug has nothing to do with the 1.14.6 update, was happening before that.

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i7 8700, 2080S, 32GB 3600Mhz, Vive Cosmos

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I’ve also noticed the same problem with the HP Reverb G2 with right eye jumping when it comes to the popup windows like ATC and VFR map as well as usernames.

Need to do more experimentation but it might be a windowed vs full screen issue and have only noticed the problem since the latest 1.14.6 patch