Vr zoom / recentering / leaning and more not working

Since SU6 i am not able to use Zoom in Vr anymore as well as look back or recenter Vr headset while in Vr.
Using X52, tried biding keys, does work but only when in menu for some of them and not while in Vr.
Any solution please, asked few times in past couple of days but no reply.

Hello, I have the same problem as you. I can no longer refocus the view in Vr with the Logitech X52 Pro.
However, the parameters of the keys are the same.

In addition, have you changed your key settings? I’m looking for ideas, screenshot to assign a key to change in exterior view and move, switch to fixed mode and quickly return to cockpit view.

Sorry for late reply, got the Sim parked until they improve it.
what i did i set everything by default everywhere and it after that it worked fine.
Hope it helps.

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