VR zoom - why in cockpit only?

First of all “VR Focus” should be called rather zoom, but it should zoom the outside view too, if I look outside a window. What’s the point in zooming in cockpit only (or maybe I would call it rather “Move your head forward”, than zoom)? With a “global zoom” you could just as good zoom in cockpit, if you look inside, as on a distant object, if you want to check PAPI light on a long final. Or at least make an option that can be selected to have a “global zoom”. It should be a button for momentary peeking, as DCS does it for instance.

Haven’t used it, but it sounds like it’s moving your head forward rather than zooming.

Exactly, this is probably the best way to describe it.

I used to dislike focus, but an hour ago i used focus (right mouse button) to quickly navigate my way around the different panels in the A320 and i must say it was quite useful. Though i would also like to have an option to zoom like in 2D mode to look out through the window and zoom in on the scenery.

Yes, I hope they add a zoom for VR. The combat sims and other civ sims I’ve used have it, and I am always disappointed when I get into MSFS and nothing happens when I hit the same button I usually map to that feature.