VS/ALT on trim wheel velocityone flight (xbox)?

Hey guys, thinking about buying a velocityone flight.
And, as we know, there is a trim wheel on it.

Do you think there is a way to control increase/decrease ALT/VS with the trim wheel?

Would be very cool to do so.

You can change ALT and VS with a the mouse wheel so why not with the trim wheel…

If there is an ALT/VS axis function controls listing then yes, i’m not on at present so can’t check

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Why wouldnt you be able to? I had a ch stick with a 2 trim wheels back in the day, and you could move them to change altitude and direction. Of course thats not really the way you should be using trim, but to each their own. ;p

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Yeah I know it misuses the trim wheel. But you don’t use the trim function.

Just asking because someone told me you couldn’t do that. Didn’t really understand his explanation.

But glad if you can use it that way.

Could you check that later? Would be very obliging.