VS unstable

For some strange reason, when I use the VS and click the wheel to go up or down nose, after just two clicks, in either direction, the wheel speeds off uncontrollably making the aircraft totally unstable.

This occurs in all planes.

Is this a bug in MSFS2020 or on my end?

If it’s on my end, what would be the fix?

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This has happened to me too, but in all of the autopilot knobs (hdg, speed, alt, etc). It simply starts turning the knob without ever making mention to stop.

It’s a known bug. Just use the mouse scroll wheel instead of button. The benefit here is when on a rotary you can use mouse wheel up/down on any side of the rotary, instead of having to click one side or the other.

When you get used to it, it feels more intuitive. The only downside to it is if your mouse moves off the rotary you zoom instead.

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Same with me. Also the ALT SEL Does the Same

Hover over Decrease Vertical Speed or Increase Vertical Speed and use center mouse scroll button. Either one works, because if you scroll one way, you’ll get positive rate, or vice-versa. The position doesn’t matter, the difference is it just reverses the scroll direction required. Works just fine.

Change to US measures instead of metric.

Yep! That works! Thank you! It’s a little tricky though, as the scroll wheel also controls zooming.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Make sure you have not accidentally assigned a key that’s already in use possibly?

Edit never mind just read you seemed to have corrected it.

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