Vsync Broken?

Why i cant lock the FPS to 30 fps. I set Vsync on and set 30 FPS but have 80 Fps

I’m not having that issue. It works for me.

Because ingame vsync is dedicated to 60Hz monitors and 60Hz TV.

You can lock FPS via RTSS or nvidia control panel / amd software.


yep… thanks @TenPatrol

Often mentioned… These Settings are NOT FPS Values. These values are absolutly misleading.

With these V-Sync settings we choose the Vsync STEPS ( full fps, first step, … ). And thus , as TenPatrol mentioned, 60|30|20 match only in case you own a 60fps monitor, or you set in windows the frequence of the monitor to 60.

More detailed here:



Thanks! I have a 165 Hz Monitor. Only impact i see when i set 20 fps.

yep… 165 was my assumption because you mentioned 80fps.

60 | 30 | 20 = 165 (6) | 82,5 (12.1) | 55 (18.1)

If you have a Nvidia card on Nvidia Control Panel you need to select:

Vertical Sync = Use the 3D Application Setting

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