Vulcan OS

Hello fellow simmers, have been playing msfs now since day 1 and yes it’s good still has issues especially with FPS and I’m over the top spec required pc, thought I’d have a go with me old xplane 11 with the Vulcan software and have to say was blown away, such a shame that Microsoft can’t swop over to Vulcan to drive the new sim if it’s possible that is, after today I could see such a difference if they did, if xplane could merge with google I reckon there could be a big battle between the two company’s, by the way this is only my opinion owning both sims and I appreciate others may think different, would love to hear what others have to say

You can’t ask MS to use a different API than DirectX :slight_smile:
Hopefully they will implement DX12 soon.
Just a question: if you drop all MSFS graphics settings in order to have a similar “fidelity” to XPlane, how do they compare fps-wise?


They’ll likely definitely going to shift to dx12 and tbh I don’t expect dx12 to have a significant performance boost compared to vulkan.

I have tried ultra down the line on msfs and external FPS was about 35, but gets better upto about 45 the higher you fly, inside flight deck as low as 15-21 no change, I drop to high end and get about 45-50 external depends on what airport and still only 30-35 inside, aircraft is A320

Xplane 11 top end on everything I’m in the 80s outside and 60s plus inside I use my vr on xplane and it’s as smooth as, no stuttering and no vr motion sickness as I had when on gtx 1080 I’ve just order the new vr headset for msfs and must admit getting a little concerned that’s my pc is still not the best on one 4K tv so what’s it going to be like on 2 4K screens in the head set

My pc is ASU’s x299 premium motherboard
i9x cpu 128gig ram and rtx 2080 super gpu

Yes but at Ultra and High-End presets, FS 2020 looks waaaaay better than XPlane 11. Even at medium it still looks much better.
What I mean is, if you set all the sliders to low except for TAA anti-aliasing and data streaming OFF in order to have a similar visual experience, you would get a very high framerate. I tested it and hit 120+ fps with my system. Otherwise you are comparing apples with oranges.
I have to admit, however, that XPlane 11 with Orthotextures looks nice (at least above 3000 ft) and is fast at the same time BUT getting Orthotextures is a time consuming job and must be done prior to flying, while FS gets the data in real time.

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Off topic on this forum: Add volumetric clouds, full pbr on everything autogen, building, aircraft, ground worker, etc…, ambient inclusion + more, all 3d trees and their amount, all new graphics shaders, atmospheric shaders, several real time stuff, 3d water, your frame will drop to 50%, out of the box!

i7 8700K, 64GB RAM, Asus Z370 Board, RTX 2080, 1TB Samsung SSD (where FS2020 is installed) 50-60FPS!

I don’t believe. Sounds like X-Plane Fairy Tales…

That’s what I love about this site you tell people what they want to know and apparently it’s all fake news like the people with bottom end pcs who get 70fps on ultra,