WA/Seattle Area

I must have seen about 40 people flying the vancouver-seattle area last night while on the West USA server. You sure you have your network settings working alright and are on west USA server?

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Yeah. I flew a short trip from KPDX to KBFI last evening at there were a lot of sim flyers in the skies!

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Yeah, something is wrong. I just flipped around to all the servers, and zippo players.EDIT: I’m on the Beta. That’s right. I can only see other testers.

Tacoma here
I remember someone was doing browns point lighthouse, haven’t heard from the project in awhile tho

BCsimPilot out of Abbotsford here. CYXX. Group flight tonight? Friday Mar/3 Say 7PM?? Nope, no one showed…next time

Ahh, I missed this. I’m based out of Victoria CYYJ. Was doing a VR flight after work tonight, but am up for a group flight with a good heads up. Add me if you’d like or PM here. MS ID is cloudserph1

Can anyone here help me to get into the marketplace so I can access my purchases? I am usin windows 10 Store and I keep getting kicked to Xbox

Did it work yet? Id make sure to google marketplace problem or check the official MFS2020 forums for like issue’s. I had issues with it twice but good now after updates etc. Until…yikes, the next time. Cheers.