Waco over Wiltshire

Spent the morning flying the Carenado Waco around the county of Wiltshire, looking for crop circles. (Found one here) Screenshots below are of Jan Kees’ lovely repaint of G-WOCO contrasting beautifully against the rolling green countryside.


We live for part of the year in Devizes and are just down the road from Avebury. There’s a very nice Air Strip at Yatesbury you might care to visit. It’s very near to The Circles and Silbury Hill and vey Scenic Flying.


We’re hoping that a Talented Dev will recreate this Airfield for our beloved Sim.

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Thanks for the link- that airfield looks like the one I overflew in the 4th shot, listed in the sim as EGAV.

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That’s the one !
Our friend Tony Hughes own’s this Air Strip. Tony is a Champion Hang Glider and Ocean Yachtsman.
A Spanish friend went up in a Flex Wing with Tony. This Lady is terrified of flying and we wanted to give her a Birthday Flight but weren’t sure if she could handle the Stress. Tony took her for a Flight and on the way back to the Field flew over a Herd of Deer. Tony cut the engine and swooped down over the Deer. Whenever we see this Lady she always remembers this experience.


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Brilliant story- I love that posting screenshots of my exploratory flight leads to conversations such as these. Many thanks for sharing!

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