Waiting for the game to start - Arrowhead Stadium

Which game are you going to next?

I’d like to go to SoFi Stadium for Rams/Cowboys but don’t think it’s built yet in the game. But hey, probably plenty of landing room!

I’d eventually like to check out every stadium. You pick one and let’s see who can land the largest plane in the parking lot.

I’m struggling with FPS on the bigger planes… might have to get inventive!

Flew through centurylink a few days ago in the icon, might try and see if I can land it on the pitch. Need to find some open ended stadiums, might try tampa.

Did it!

Couldn’t do it with icon but managed it with the Zin, a well spent afternoon

Now got to try and take off!

Foxboro’s worth a look I reakon you could get a decent size plane in the parking lot., tried to land on top of AT&T but the roofs not solid, think it treated it like a building said my landing gear was damaged.

Haha, right on!