Want to refund a product but not sure how to track it via Order History

Hi folks,

Facing a bit of a dilemma here:

I have multiple Flight Simulator purchases in my order history, so if I want to get a refund for a specific product, how do I know which product it is?

Next to the purchase, all it says is “Microsoft Flight Simulator flight sim credits”.

I don’t remember the date of purchase or the amount I paid. Can’t understand why the actual product name isn’t there and just “flight sim credits”.

This is on Xbox.

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This is also the reason why it’s impossible to do store transfers (on PC) say if you want to use the devs official updater instead. There is no proof of purchase, just these credits, which is actually indicative of M/S’s virtual currency. It’s very annoying to never have receipts for things.
I did one refund a few months ago and liek you say I ended up having to guess what it was. I was correct in the end, but hard if you have numerous purchases.

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So there’s basically no way to know which product it is you want to get refunded?

I don’t think there is. Other than knowing the price you paid for it and the approximate date of purchase. It’s a completely opaque system. Maybe Microsoft have a log of what add ons we buy from them, but they don’t seem to share that with us the end users. If there is a way of finding out I’d like to know.

This suggests it’s some time ago. How are you justifying the request for a refund?

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Dont worry about the justification.

Why isn’t there a product name next to each purchase?

Scott from Zen Desk, if you’re reading this, please check my open ticket!

I’m talking to an Xbox Support agent right now, maybe they can help.

Microsoft is a large company and experienced in selling software so this opaque “credits” system and complete lack of product receipt is certainly intentional and we can only make educated guesses as to why. This is the main reason I try to avoid the MP where possible, even though I’d love to support MSFS with their commission, but I personally find the credit system unethical and I’m surprised it is not in violation of consumer protection laws in the EU.

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Interesting… So this is done purposefully to deny refunds or cause confusion when people ask for refunds?

Had a really poor experience with the Xbox live chat agents by the way when asked for their assistance.

Where can I report that?

It’s purely speculation but I wonder if it was to add last-minute support for Steam. When they first announced the launch date it was via Xbox only, and a large number of us asked for Steam. Within a week that option was presented.

However, they have certainly had time to improve the system and provide proof of purchase - they have chosen not to some three years later and that is pretty unforgivable IMO and probably illegal.

I suggest sending a message to the support team https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com - they have been able to provide me with an itemised list in the past.

Hopefully, Microsoft will look to improve this with FS24. HTML emails are awful to write, but at least they wouldn’t need to rebuild the purchase workflow :wink:

Ironically probably the same contact form/help chat you used just now. Without getting too specific, what about your recent experience was ‘poor’?

I’m asking because it’s possible Xbox may not be the team to help you in the first place. It’s possible you may need to go via my above link first, or for the entirety of your issue.

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It is possible with iniBuilds. I bought their EGSS on marketplace and transferred it to inibuilds store. The only proof they wanted was a screenshot from MSFS confirming that I own it.
iniBuilds Store Order Transfer

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That is nice of them to do that. Good to know too.


You cannot request a refund for Marketplace purchases you have received,

except when the DLC was removed from Marketplace at the creator’s request.

if the content was removed because it is not working properly, please submit a request.

When filling out the contact form, select the following options:

  • Contact Microsoft Flight Simulator support
  • Marketplace and purchase issues
  • I need a refund for an item that was removed from the marketplace

Source How to request a refund – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (zendesk.com)

I don’t think you follow. If I don’t know the product’s name, how do I have the correct item refunded??