Was searching for AutoSave? No more with "Travel To"

I was searching for an autosave option. Restarting a full flight because of a crash while it’s not log in the logbook is painful. but the option “Travel to” solved this issue! Even it’s not the exact same place depending the changes you made, this feature is a very good alternative :slight_smile:

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I get this weird bug wherein “Travel To” will say I dont have enough Fuel even though I do. Am I doing something wrong? Does anybody else have this issue?

typically can’t go back to approach or final when you already hit the group and must relaunch the whole flight then go to approach. Tpa fuel up manually. but sometimes it doesn’t register right away before traveling to the next point

Did you set enough fuel before starting?

Yeah. I did. I had enough fuel for the flight

Hum ok, did not get this message since. I will let you know if I have it next time.

Speaking of; is there a fuel calculator somewhere? Also, having “ground services” fuel truck; does that help even considering you can just drag the fuel slider?

it’s different for each plane, so you need to search but you should find. for the tbm, there is an official there:

(well it’s not really a calculator but for the range regarding the weight